Occupation - Public Relations
Religion - Christian
Education - B.A., English (Creative Writing)
Favorite Food - Mexican
Favorite Hobby - Reading, walking/running, movies
Favorite Sport - College Football
Favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving
Favorite Childhood Memory - Family vacations
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Our wedding
Dream Vacation - Paris
Favorite Animal - Dog


Occupation - Equipment Broker
Religion - Christian
Education - B.A., History
Favorite Food - French fries
Favorite Hobby - Playing guitar, baseball, movies
Favorite Sport - Baseball
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Baseball games with dad
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Our first date
Dream Vacation - Route 66 road trip with family
Favorite Animal - Dog
About Us

Jason was born and raised in Georgia, and I in Louisiana. We met through a dating website in November 2010. So what attracted us to each other? We each thought the other was terribly cute and charming over email and photos, and when we met in person, we instantly connected over small town childhood stories and personal experiences that took us from combat (Jason) to college to big city adventures and challenging careers. We have a lot in common: We're both very sensitive, love movies, music, reading, sports, traveling and spending time with our families and friends. It was so easy for us to talk. In fact, what we thought would be an hour-long first date turned into a four-hour chat fest. And after dating for one year, Jason proposed and we were married three months later. We couldn't wait to start our lives together.

Our home / Our pets

We live in a cottage-style home with our sweet beagle/boxer Sarah Jane in an established neighborhood. It's filled with families, and the parents are very active and hold many seasonal activities for kids. It doesn't take a big holiday to get together, though. Recently, our neighborhood association held a fall movie night in someone's front yard, complete with big screen, pizza, and popcorn. We also live within minutes of shopping, entertainment and all-ages activities, such as parks and playgrounds, movie theaters, the children's museum, the aquarium, and restaurants. The zoo is about 15 minutes away, and there are many sports leagues, dance and music classes in the area. We live in the city's best school district, too!

Our extended family

Jason and I are blessed to be close with our immediate and extended families who live mostly in Georgia and Louisiana. They're all very supportive about us adopting and can't wait to meet the new addition to our family! My only sibling, a sister, lives with her husband right around the corner. We enjoy traveling, shopping, and dining together. Jason had one older sister who passed away when she was 23. She had a traumatic birth experience, which left her severely mentally and physically handicapped for life. Jason's memories of her laughing always make him and his parents smile. I would give anything to have known her. Jason's parents are only an hour's drive away from us, and my parents visit frequently. Both sets of parents are retired and have been married for 46+ years; they provided us with solid examples of love, faith, and commitment.
What Led Us To Adoption
We have always known in our hearts that we would adopt if we were unable to conceive. After a year of trying naturally to conceive, followed by a journey of infertility, we accepted that having a child biologically was not going to happen without extreme measures. Not only did this bring us closer to each other, but we were also more certain than ever that adoption was the way we were meant to create our family.

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