Occupation - Sixth Grade Science Teacher
Religion - Methodist
Education - Masters of Science
Favorite Food - Fettuccine
Favorite Hobby - Playing sports
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Spending time with my family
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Our honeymoon trip to the Caribbean
Dream Vacation - Returning to the Caribbean
Favorite Animal - Cat


Occupation - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Religion - Methodist
Education - High School, some trade school
Favorite Food - Meatloaf
Favorite Hobby - Classic Cars
Favorite Sport - Hockey
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Family vacations
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Adopting our first cat
Dream Vacation - Disney World
Favorite Animal - Dog
About Us

We are truly best friends and the love of each others lives. Andy is very patient, kind, and loving. Alison is a dedicated teacher and has a great sense of humor. Her outgoing personality makes the people around her smile. Going for walks in the park, vacationing with family, volunteering in our church, and just spending time together are a few examples of things we like to do.

Our home / Our pets

Our beautiful home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen and sunroom are our favorite rooms to spend time in. We look forward to reading, playing games, and spending family time with our child. With a large yard and a community park less than two blocks away, there is ample space to play outdoors. We have two rescued cats. They are friendly and playful and enjoy living with us. Our neighborhood has children of all ages. The community we live in offers many opportunities for extracurricular activities. We love it here and can’t wait to raise a child in our home and neighborhood.

Our extended family

Family and friends are very important to both of us. Andy’s parents live less than an hour away. Alison's parents live a few hours away. We both have brothers and several nieces and nephews. Our parents are retired. We visit them often or they travel to our home and visit us. Birthdays and holidays are spent with family and friends. Several of our closest friends have adopted children of their own. Because she is a teacher, Alison has time off in the summer to spend with our child. There is no doubt that our baby will receive lots of love and attention from everyone.
What Led Us To Adoption
We always knew that we wanted children. After several failed infertility treatments, we were led to adoption. We believe it was God's plan for us to welcome a new baby into our home.

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