13 Amazing Photos

Who could imagine love could be captured with a snapshot?

Adoption is beautiful in the fact that adoptive families are unique in their own way but all share the same common denominator: LOVE.

Every family has their own story.

Here are 13 different but AMAZING adoptive families.


  1. This is Wade and Holly’s adoption first meeting with their son Teague. Photo by Dylan GoldbyPlayful Family In Airport
  2. “We came home with our daughter 24 hours after meeting her, and were instant parents,” said this adoptive family. Photo by Brandi Williamson.Family Going Through Finalization Of The Adoption Process.
  3. After a nearly year-long adoption process, Sarah and David met their new baby girl, Tilly Pearl. Photos by Kristen Prosser.
    Emotional Couple Meeting Adopted Baby For The First Time.
  4. Micah was adopted from Korea in October of 2012. Photo by Sandra Eminger, Three Continents Photography.Adoptive Family Meeting International Adopted Child In The Airport.
  5. An adoptive family from Ohio welcomes home Zechariah Scot Sines a week before his first birthday. Photos by Jen Claytor.Happy Transracial Adoptive Family.
  6. Photographer captured a citizenship ceremony. “The very last piece of paper that comes after adopting a child. It was a wonderful celebration…” Photo by Sandra Eminger, Three Continents Photography.International Adoption Ceremony, Boy Pinching Women's Nose.
  7. The Haden family brought home Shepherd in 2012, when he was 1 year old. Photo by Susie Gaal, SPG Photography.Adoptive Family Welcoming Home International Child At Airport With Welcome Balloons.
  8. Two years later, their family expanded when they brought home their son, Crew, through adoption. Photo by Kenny Bahr.Interracial love between African American and Caucasian Brothers.
  1. Kelley and Jeff adopted Yenenesh in 2013.Photo by Katie Sutherland.
    Father Hugs Daughter at Airport And Family Welcomes Home.
  2. Two fathers meeting their son in 2014. Photo by Lindsay Foster.

Same-Sex Adoption with Two Fathers and Their Son.

  1. This adoptive family’s son came home to Baltimore in 2012. Photo by Nicole Renée.
    Happy International Family Adoption.
  2. Elizabeth was adopted from, the Ukraine and joined her family in 2012. Photo by Shannon Morse.
    Family Cheers For Couple And Adopted Baby At Airport.
  3. “The Via family began the process of adopting Chloe from Uganda two years ago. In December 2012, Chloe was denied a Visa. So the Via family decided to “Bring Home To Chloe,” and move their entire family to Uganda. Read her story here. Photo from The Archibald Project — an orphan care media based nonprofit. They advocate for orphans through storytelling and believe their stories will reduce the amount of orphans in the world.”
    Transracial Adoption Family Portrait.

These photos are proof that love is what makes a family, not DNA.

Adoptive families have a strong bond and connection that cannot be broken.

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