Adoption Videos

These adoption videos are so inspiring!

They are guaranteed to make you cry…

1. Sunflower Mae

When Andy and Mercedes Lara began sharing Sunflower Mae’s story, she captured the hearts of thousands.

Sunflower has Down syndrome.

Here is part of their story:

2. Brooke and Her Mother

Brooke was adopted when she was little.

Her mother wrote her a letter and kept it 20 years for her to read on her wedding day.

Watch her wedding day video here:

3. The Dennehy Family

Mike and Sharon Dennehy felt like they were called to adopt.

They have 12 children, 9 adoptions from 6 different countries.

Watch their beautiful story here:

Read more about the Dennehy family here.


All of these stories are beautiful and show how amazing adoption is.

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