Luke and Leia were adopted

Believe it or not, a lot of the Star Wars saga revolves around adoption issues. You see much of the story line (of Episodes IV–VI, anyway) hinges on the fact that (spoiler alert!) Luke and Leia were twin siblings adopted by different families shortly after birth.

Here are five truths about adoption that we can glean from the sci-fi epic:


1. It’s Bad to Mislead the Birthfather

Darth Vader was a birthfather.

Sure, Anakin had already turned to the dark side and become Darth Vader, but letting him believe he had killed his family really sealed the deal.


2. It’s Bad to Lie to Adoptees about Their Birth Family

Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's birthfather.

You’d be upset, too, if you found out that your arch-nemesis was really your birthfather whom you thought was dead — from any point of view.


3. It’s Common for Children to be Adopted by Extended Family

Luke was adopted by his step aunt & uncle.
“So, we’re parents now.”

Owen and Beru really took the whole “you need to secretly raise your step-nephew because his mother is dead and his father has become a supervillain” thing in stride.


4. It’s Common for Children to be Adopted by Acquaintances or Strangers, too

Princess Leia was adopted by the Organas.
“Hey, sweetie, guess what I brought home!”

Don’t worry, adopting a baby girl on impulse very rarely leads to your whole planet being obliterated 19 years later.


5. Totally Closed Adoptions can Lead to Unforeseen Consequences

Closed adoptions can have unforeseen consequences.
This is actually the second time they kiss.

Like kissing your twin sister. Ewww.

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