November is Adopt Connect’s favorite month. It is National Adoption Awareness month!

Our team tries to spread awareness whenever we can but here is your chance to help us.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to support Adoption in the month of November.

Learn About Adoption Awareness Month

  1. Learn More – There’s a lot of information on adoption and there is always more to learn. There are many subcategories of adoption you can brush up on; transracial adoption, adoption law, open/closed adoption, etc. You can even stray away from the facts and learn more about the emotions that go with adoption. You can try reading books about adoption from different point of views. Read about what the adoption process was like from the perspective of an adoptee or birthmother. Here is a list of books you can choose from.teaching about adoption awareness month
  2. Teach Others – Try spreading the word. Take what you learned and put it in effect. Dropping even a little bit of information to somebody might get him or her interested. Give them a starting point of how the adoption process works. Here is a great resource. If you have children, this would also be a great opportunity to educate them on adoption and to speak openly about it.sharing about adoption awareness month
  3. Share Your Experience – 60% of Americans have a connection to adoption. THAT’S OVER HALF THE POPULATION. Wow. If you have a personal experience with adoption, share your story. You might be surprised to how many people can relate with you.event about adoption awareness month
  4. Make A Difference – There are many ways you can make a difference during Adoption Awareness Month.

Shop smart: There are plenty of businesses that support adoption. See what businesses, local or national, are donating portions of their sales to any adoption organizations.

Attend an event: See if there are any events in your community supporting adoption during the month of November.

Create an event: If there are no events in your community, create your own! Reach out to any adoption advocates, adoptees, adoptive parents, or birthparents. See if they are willing to speak or share their experiences.

Donate: Weather you decide to donate your time by volunteering or donating money; you can help and make a difference. Even donating money to a Go Fund Me page to help complete a family would be an awesome way to support Adoption Awareness.posting about adoption awareness month

  1. Post On Social Media – Show your support by posting something new about adoption everyday for Adoption Awareness Month. It is a quick and easy way to reach a lot of people. Whether you decided you want to post your own experience/what you have learned about adoption or if you want to share an adoption quote from someone else’s page. There are hundreds of blogs, videos, and information on adoption you can pass along to your followers on social media in a fun way!

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