If adopting, matching with a birth mother can be an incredibly exciting and emotional time. You may begin to wonder how do I prepare? Do I have a baby shower? Do I celebrate? Who do I tell?

While each adoption situation is unique, there are many different ways you can celebrate welcoming a new member into your family.

We here at Adopt Connect have come up with a variety of ideas below that will help you celebrate your adoption!

Plan a gender reveal party: if the birth mother has already sent a proof of pregnancy and knows the gender of your soon-to-be baby, then you could have a gender reveal celebration with all of your favorite people. Here’s some examples of how you can surprise your guests:

A cake reveal: Bake a white cake and add either blue or pink food coloring depending on if your child is either a girl or boy. When it comes time to cut your cake your guests will be awed at what the inside of the cake tells them! Check out this fun recipe from Ashley Brooks Design:


Balloon box: Fill a box with either pink or blue balloons and set them free to tell your guests what kind of child you’re expecting!


Guessing game: make the guests guess whether you will be adopting a boy or girl. There’s a variety of ways to make this fun and exciting for your loved ones. Check out this one from Pinterest!


A piñata: stuff the piñata with confetti and then break it open to reveal the sex of your child!


Have a photo announcement: Take a fun photo that contains an adoption theme to send out to loved ones or post on social media. There are plenty of different photos you can take and share whether the adoption is final or you have simply decided to apply for adoption.

Remember to be creative when creating these! Here are some cute examples:dd0628ef8f3c8497143be4c781b8ba63Custom-Stole-Our-Hearts-Sign


Have a baby shower/meet and greet once the adoption finalizes: while some may be skeptical of having a baby shower before an adoption is completed, you can always have one after the finalization. The party/shower may also be the perfect time to introduce your new family member to loved ones. A shower not only celebrates welcoming a new child into your family, but allows one to receive gifts from a registry.


Dinner celebration: If parties aren’t your thing, you can always celebrate by having an intimate and relaxing dinner with close family and friends.

Any way you choose to celebrate, you are guaranteed to never forget the amazing experiece of the adoption process!

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