A birth mother tells her story.

When a woman finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy, she often feels terribly alone. There are a lot of women out there, though, who have been in that same place and are ready to share their own stories of how they came through it.

These are a few stories from women who decided adoption was the best choice for their child. You’ll see that their decision wasn’t easy (no truly important decisions are) and that there can still be heartache even when you know what you are doing is right. But there is hope and happiness, too.


An Open Adoption Documentary: The Story of Madeline Brooke

This video tells the story of how a birthmother and adoptive parents first connected and how they chose to stay united for the sake of their daughter.

I really love how they show how the stories of these two families started independent of each other but became permanently interwoven together: now they are all part of their daughter’s story.

Be sure to listen to the letter from Autumn (the birth mom) to her daughter at the end of the video.


An Open Adoption Story – The Duncans & Dixons

This video tells how two families opened their hearts to each other and how they in return were all blessed with not one, but two beautiful babies.

It’s so heartwarming to see these twins growing up with the love of both their adoptive family and their birth family.


Woman’s struggle over adoption leads to modern family

This was a piece featured on NBC about an young Iowa woman who documented her pregnancy and choice of adoption for her son. You can’t help but admire this birth mom for her courage; not only for choosing adoption for her baby, but also for sharing her story on network TV to help other women who find themselves in her shoes.

I also think it’s kind of funny how the reporters seem almost surprised by how open an adoption could be: families have been coming together like this for decades.


My Adoption Story

This birth mother put together this beautiful slideshow as a message to her baby boy. It’s so touching and really sweet.


A Birth Mother’s Story

A quick, moving testimonial from a birth mom about how choosing adoption for her baby turned her life around. She starts tearing up and you probably will, too. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

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