Now that the holidays are past (even if the decorations aren’t put away!), we thought it was time to meet our new Adoption Coordinators!

This fall Jodi and Sara joined our team!  They are new to being adoption coordinators, but both have extensive backgrounds working with kids and families and both are overall customer service rock stars.  (Rock stars? Yeah!!) Since starting in mid-November they have had a chance to get their feet wet – learning from the pros – and have already been able to work with some really great birthmoms and adoptive families!  We feel sure that they are ready to go and make great things happen!  (And we are here to support them as they do!)

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Jodi and Sara will both be writing their own stories for you in upcoming days, but as a quick sneak peek, here are a couple of fun things about them:

Jodi and Sara are both moms who at times spend too many hours on the bleachers!  They both have active families, are used to busy schedules, juggling lots of things, and keeping an eye on the priorities of life!  Both come to us from backgrounds of working with kids and families.  Customer service weaves through their work and volunteer backgrounds and will continue to serve them well as they work with our new birthmothers and adoptive families!  You will get a closer look in their upcoming blogs!

And, in case you’re new to us – let’s introduce the rest of our team!

AC5(Brock) 2

Brock – our fearless leader.  Brock founded Adopt Connect over 8 years ago with the desire to help bring birthmothers together with adoptive families in the most caring, client-focused way possible.  That is why we are 24/7 on call: needs, worries, and questions don’t follow the time clock!

AC3 2

Dakota – master of all things technical.  (would saying Jedi be going too far?)  Dakota is a calming influence in the office, able to see the bigger picture, and take our “wants” and make them reality in the world of technology.

AC1 2

Jennifer – master of all things social.  (Although perhaps not interested in being a Jedi!)  Jennifer has an insight to social media and how to navigate through it that some of us seasoned members just don’t get!  She is invaluable to our team by helping us research and by sharing her gifts in telling a story through the written word, pictures, and video.

AC2 2

Marisol – organizer of the world. (Or at least of Adopt Connect!) Marisol is the Accounting Coordinator and updates the tracking systems.  Basically, she can take a million tidbits and makes a really seamless picture for us!

So, Jodi and Sara will both be writing more in the coming weeks as well as the rest of our team!  We hope you enjoy this new year and share us with your friends!  You never know who might be in need of our services – and who’s heart might be touched!  Thank you and have a great 2016!

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