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Social media for adoption can be a weird concept.

Social media is viewed as very public and adoption is thought of as the opposite.

With the rise in social media the past few years, almost every person has a social media presence of some kind.

When looking to make additions to your family through adoption there are some things you need to consider when using social media sites.

Adopt Connect’s made a list of the top dos and don’ts when using social media for adoption, but first we will answer the most ask question about this topic.

Should I create “Hoping to Adopt” social media profiles?

A good amount of prospective parents make specific social media profiles in hope that a birthmother will come across it.

But the most asked question is “Is this a good idea?”

This is a hard question to answer but in all reality it really just depends on the person/couple.

Some adoption professionals encourage you to do this but you might be making it easier to be scammed.

There are people who specifically search adoption websites and social media platforms looking for families and message them directly but never have any intention of placing.

There are some who are never even pregnant to begin with.

If you choose to make your adoption journey public, be cautious of these people.

If you do not choose to make specific social media and adoption profiles for your adoption journey doesn’t mean you cannot incorporate adoption in your personal profiles.

Here is a list of dos and don’t when using social media.

DO: Use social media to fundraise.

Go Fund Me Website and social media for adoption

Adoption can be expensive.

Starting a GoFundMe can be a good way to raise money.

GoFundMe is a website used as a personal online fundraising page that is perfect for individuals trying to raise money.

You can write a bio explaining what the money is for.

The best part is that you can share this page on your social media profiles and family and friends can donate money to your cause.

DO: Follow adoption pages and adoption support groups to stay up to date and learn new information about adoption.

Adopt Connect Facebook page

Following adoption advocates or pages like Adopt Connect can be a great resource to learn more about adoption.

Adopt Connect posts blogs and videos on relevant topics like positive adoption language, how to prepare for adoption, etc.

Social media can be an easy way to access information in one spot.

Joining adoption support groups online is a great example of how social media for adoption can be used.

These can be found on many different apps and websites to provide a feeling of community during your adoption journey.

Make sure the groups you are joining are closed groups and still be cautious of what you post.

DO : Monitor and control your privacy settings to make sure that only friends and family can view your information.

Facebook icon

It is important to stay cautious but not closed off.

Social media can be a good tool to update and stay connected to your friends and family on your adoption process but you want to make sure that they are the only ones who have access to this information.

DON’T : Share personal information privacy settings turned off.

social media icons on phonesReviewing your privacy settings can prevent any potential adoption scammers from finding any information about you that they could use to deceive you.

If you do not want to set your privacy settings to just your friends and family, be cautious of what you post.

Know that anyone can look at your profile and what you post.

DO : Make sure friends and family know what pictures and posts they can and cannot share publicly about your adoption journey.

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It is easy to control your own privacy settings on your personal profiles but be sure to inform your friends and family about theirs.

Make sure you let them know what you feel comfortable with them sharing about you and your adoption journey with others.

DON’T : Use a social media platform to talk to a potential birth family.

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You should not use social media for adoption in this way.

If you have been matched with a birth mother or birth family, use the adoption attorney or agency you are working with to make contact.

Using your adoption professional as a go-between allows a more professional environment with your matched family.

This also lowers the risk of being scammed.

You want to get to know the birth family but make sure you do not share too much with them.

DON’T : Accept every friend and follow request you receive.

hand pressing follow button with heart

Look through the profile and be sure that you know the person who has sent you a request and see if they have any mutual friends.

DON’T : Share information about the birth mother or birth family that you may match with.

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If the birth mother or birth family wanted to keep their adoption journey private, then you shouldn’t post about them without their permission.

DO : Stay in touch with birth family through social media after the placement is finalized.

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If you have agreed to a semi-open adoption, utilize social media for adoption if it is a good fit.

Many adoptive families will make a specific profile just for the birth parents.

This is an easy way to share photos and communicate between each other without exchanging phone numbers, emails, or addresses.

The best part of this is that you can control what is shared and who can see it. You can exclude your last name and location.

This is a great way to stay connected without giving too much information.

For more information on open and closed adoption, click here.

Social media for adoption is a great way to stay connected and when used right it can be beneficial to utilize in different ways.

Remember to be cautious of what you information you post and your privacy settings.

The way you decided to use social media is completely up to you.

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