DIY Canvas Quote Wall Art



- Blank Stretched Canvas
- Magazine(s)
- Paint Brush or Sponge
- Scissors
- White Paint (or color of your choice)
- Glue/Spray Adhesive/Mod Podge
- Vinyl Adhesive Letters
- Your Favorite Quote or Saying (Check out our list of adoption quotes for ideas and inspiration)

Step 1:

Begin by laying out your blank canvas and craft supplies on a surface that you don’t mind getting paint on. Many craft stores carry blank canvases for a reasonable price or you can re-use an old canvas you have laying around.


Step 2:

Start cutting out pieces of your magazine to use in the collage. Depending on how you want the final canvas to look you can select similar colored/styled images. We found that bold, brightly colored pieces showed up best since we are going to be painting the canvas solid white.


Step 3:

Now it’s time to glue your cut-out images onto the canvas. Keep in mind that you’ll want to glue your best images where your letters will be going, as the rest of the canvas will be covered. We wanted a smooth finish on our letters, so we glued down all of the edges on each piece. You can leave the edges unglued if you want the letters to have a textured look.


Step 4:

After all your images have been glued down, you can trim any excess off around the edge of the canvas. Gather your letters and start to visualize how you are going to layout your quote. If you have a ruler or straight-edge on hand, you can use that to draw lines and space out each line. If you need inspiration on quotes/sayings, take a look at our list of quotes for birth moms and adopting families.


Step 5:

Once you have planned out where each letter is going, double-check that your quote is spelled correctly! If everything looks good, you can remove the adhesive backing and place down the vinyl letters one at a time. Make sure to press down all the edges until they stick to ensure you get a crisp paint line around each letter.


Step 6:

Bring out the paint! Start applying paint onto the canvas using your preferred tool. We used a large paintbrush for the bigger areas on the canvas and a sponge brush for areas around the letters. You can probably use a brush for the entire canvas, but you have to be careful not to lift up the vinyl letters when swiping the brush. We applied one heavy coat initially and two lighter coats after that, and allowed the canvas to dry for 3-4 hours between each coat.


Step 7:

Allow your canvas to dry overnight for the best results. When it is completely dry, begin removing the vinyl letters carefully. If you’re having trouble getting the letters to come up, try using an sharp blade/box cutter to lift up one of the corners. Here is our final result:


That’s it! We couldn’t be more happy with the results and what better way to make use of old magazines that would otherwise be thrown away? We have it hanging up at our office to inspire everyone who walks through. Let us know below how yours turned out and we’ll answer any questions you might have.