Occupation - Logistics Manager
Religion - Christian
Education - MS + BS
Favorite Food - My Mom's Chicken Pot Pie
Favorite Hobby - Photography
Favorite Sport - Dance
Favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving
Favorite Childhood Memory - Traveling Europe
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Our Paris Vacation
Dream Vacation - Cruise Around the World
Favorite Animal - Cats


Occupation - IT Specialist
Religion - Christian
Education - AS
Favorite Food - Kathryn's 5 Cheese Ziti
Favorite Hobby - Outdoorsman
Favorite Sport - Baseball
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Fishing with my Dad & Grandpa
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Our Wedding Day
Dream Vacation - Anywhere Warm with a Beach
Favorite Animal - Dogs
About Us

We met in Kabul, Afghanistan. Brandon served the Army; Kathryn was there doing humanitarian work. Our song is “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place” because we met in a war zone. We believe God brings good through even the darkest situations. Patriotism and sacrifice have defined our lives and our relationship since the day we’ve met. We’ve been happily married for almost eight years.

Kathryn is a creative at heart. She is an avid Do-It-Yourselfer who is constantly coming up with fun crafts to do with our son. She is also a published photographer who has been featured by established publications such as Vogue Italia and Wall Street Journal. Her passion for the arts provides a fun, creative household for kids to explore the right side of their brain!

Brandon is more analytical. He loves reading to our son, helping him solve mazes, and is passionate about all things computers. His left brain mentality gives our household a grounded base with a strong focus on the value of education. He’s also a true outdoorsman, with a passion for hiking, fishing, and camping.

One of the greatest joys in our marriage has been becoming parents. Erik, our spunky six-year-old, has taught us so much about love, self-lessness, and the joys parenting brings with it. Raising him has been the most exciting, amusing, challenging, coolest thing we have ever done. And we cannot wait to experience these moments over and over again as our family grows.

Not many families can say they have visited more than forty countries together - but we can! We are passionate about embracing new cultures and traveling globally. Travel gives us opportunities to get away from our demanding careers and focus on family. It is something we hope our adopted children will really enjoy about being a part of our family.

As a family we enjoy cooking together, camping on the weekends, going to church each week, game nights (you should see our board game collection!), family walks (Erik usually bikes beside us - we live next to a beautiful bike trail), and of course travel!

Our home / Our pets

Our home is in a quiet neighborhood, near a peaceful walking path and a top-ranked elementary school. We live right on the Mississippi River with plenty of fun parks nearby to keep us busy. We work together just 10 minutes down the road and we are incredibly lucky to have a prestigious extended school program and primary center right on the campus where we work, which means that even though our little ones are in a day care setting, we still get to visit them often during our work day, and they will have access to the best education, programs, and tutors as they grow.

We volunteer for our local animal shelter, which means our home is often filled with fun new pets to love on. Currently, we have four little kittens who were left at the shelter without their Mama. We love that our children will get to learn compassion and kindness for animals early on, as well as the responsibility of pet care.

Our extended family

Brandon’s Mom & Dad both served in the military. They are now retired and traveling across the USA in an RV. They love touring National Parks. And they always make time for their grandson. Fun Fact: Brandon was adopted when he was four years old! He maintains a close relationship with his biological and his adopted family. This is something we hope to encourage with our adopted children – that having two families to love you is super amazing.

Kathryn’s family lives in New Hampshire right on the ocean. We love visiting them every summer to play at the beach. Erik adores spending time with his cousins – he calls them his best friends. Fun Fact: Kathryn’s Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and two of her cousins were all adopted!

What Led Us To Adoption

Brandon was adopted when he was four. Kathryn’s father was adopted, too. We even have an aunt, an uncle, cousins, and tons of friends who were adopted, as well! Adoption is such a big part of our family story. We’re excited to grow our family through adoption again, and we know how lucky our adopted child will be to grow up in a home where adoption is such a big part of who we all are.

Our adoption journey started a little sooner than we planned. After our son’s first birthday we started trying to give him a sibling. We’ve experienced tremendous loss though six miscarriages and have learned that it will be impossible to grow our family on our own. We have so much to offer a child and we hope that adoption will give us the opportunity. We’re blessed to have the support of our friends and family, as well as our faith, guiding us past the pain of our losses and towards the hope of growing our family again through adoption.

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