Occupation - CNA
Religion - Christian
Education - High School
Favorite Food - Shrimp
Favorite Hobby - Decorating
Favorite Sport - Baseball
Favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving
Favorite Childhood Memory - Family Vacation
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - First Date
Dream Vacation - Cancun
Favorite Animal - Dog


Occupation - Aircraft
Religion - Christian
Education - High School
Favorite Food - Chicken
Favorite Hobby - RC Cars
Favorite Sport - Basketball
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Lake Trips
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Wedding Day
Dream Vacation - Bahamas
Favorite Animal - Dog
About Us

Chris grew up in the town we reside in and works for a aircraft company. Marcie grew up out of state and works as a CNA. We often talked about having children and we always agreed that if could not have our own we would adopt.

Everyday we learn more about each other and what makes our marriage work. We want to be very involved with our child, therefore Marcie will still work, but not full-time.

Our home / Our pets

We recently purchase a four-bedroom home with a nice backyard. The baby's room is a light green color with white furniture that Marcie painted. We have enjoyed decorating our home with anticipation of our new baby. Our basement is our second favorite place in the home. We love to unwind from the day, or enjoy that space with friends and family after dinner, to watch a movie or play games.

Our extended family

We are both fortunate to have supportive, loving and fun families. Chris's family lives in our city! We often get together with them for family dinners and other events.

Marcie's family lives out of state and we go see each other at least three times a year. We also take a family vacation every two years. Marcie comes from a close knit family that loves to laugh, joke, cook, make new friends and encourage one another to do their best in life. Chris loves when they travel to visit Marcie's family ,because we see extended family and have a feast that never ends!

What Led Us To Adoption
A year after we where married Marcie had to have a hysterectomy, so we turned to the exciting journey of adoption.

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