Occupation - Traffic Coordinator
Religion - Christian
Education - College
Favorite Food - Seafood
Favorite Hobby - Gardening
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Halloween
Favorite Childhood Memory - County fairs
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - wedding
Dream Vacation - New Zealand/Australia
Favorite Animal - cat


Occupation - Dairy Farmer
Religion - Christian
Education - High School
Favorite Food - Hamburger
Favorite Hobby - Hunting
Favorite Sport - None
Favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving
Favorite Childhood Memory - Sunday Dinners
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - wedding
Dream Vacation - Alaska and Canada
Favorite Animal - dog
About Us

We met online and where married in early 2015. Chris moved to South Dakota to live on a farm where Chuck and his brother farm and milk cows. Chris loves to cook, garden, and read and travel when she can. Chuck enjoys hunting and fishing when he is not out in one of his John Deere tractors farming the land.

Our home / Our pets

We live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home on 160 acres across the road from the family dairy farm. We live in a rural farming community of about 1500 people.

We have three pets: Pumpkin a 16-year-old orange tabby cat and two dogs, Cheyenne and JR. Cheyenne is 3 years old and JR is 2 years old. They are Australian shepherds.

Our extended family

Chris: My parents and brother live a couple hours away in Nebraska. I make frequent trips to Nebraska to see my niece and nephew.

Chuck: My brothers and sisters are spread out around the country. I have 4 sisters and 4 brothers. My sisters make it home a couple of times a year and I farm with my younger brother. Our family gets together a couple of times a year.

What Led Us To Adoption
I have always wanted to adopt a child and after several years of trying and fertility treatments, we decided now was the right time to grow our family thru adoption.

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