Occupation - Registered Nurse
Religion - Christian
Education - Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Favorite Food - Pasta or Mexican
Favorite Hobby - Adventures with the Kids
Favorite Sport - Basketball
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Sports with Dad
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - First Kiss
Dream Vacation - Australia
Favorite Animal - Dogs


Occupation - Water Treatment
Religion - Christian
Education - Telecommunications & Electronics
Favorite Food - Fajitas
Favorite Hobby - Boating with Family
Favorite Sport - Motocross
Favorite Holiday - Halloween
Favorite Childhood Memory - Camping with Family
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - First Roadtrip to Colorado
Dream Vacation - Australian Outback
Favorite Animal - Racoon
About Us

We met at a mutual friend's bonfire 8 years ago. Eric called me to ask me out on a date two days later and we have pretty much been inseparable since. We dated for 1 year before Eric proposed and we got married one year later. We each have two children from a previous marriage. The children have been friends since the very beginning and their bond of siblings soon developed. We have enjoyed watching them grow together and bond as one family unit. We have grown as individuals, partners, and parents on our journey together over the past 8 years. Our love for each other grows every day. Should you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, we promise your child will grow up in a consistent, nurturing, supportive environment surrounded by a loving family. Our children are Haley, Ethan, Isaac and Reagan. Haley is 19 and is starting her 3rd year of college. She is a Dean's List student, will graduate early and has already been accepted into Law School. Ethan is 14 & loves everything outdoors. He loves to ride his dirt bike & fish. Isaac is 14 and is obsessed with all things sports related, he knows just about every factoid about sports history there is to know. He loves playing football and wrestles year round. Reagan is 12 and loves volleyball, dancing and is extremely creative. She's the artsy one in the family. We are a very active family. We love all things outdoors. We boat frequently in summer months, go on camping trips in the motorhome, do water sports, hunt, ride ATVs, and travel frequently. Athletics are also a huge part of our lives. We stay busy year round with games, practices, wrestling meets, and camps. We love attending collegiate & professional sporting events together. GO HAWKEYES! Although our daily lives are structured and we have a routine, we love spontaneity and often will take a weekend adventure or getaway. We do most things as a family but we also make sure that we can get some "just us" time by getting up early, working out & then having coffee together every morning before we wake the kids up to start their day. We spend a lot of time staying moving but sometimes it's nice to just plop on the couch and all watch a movie together. Having everyone in the same room trying to be quiet for 1.5 hours can be an adventure in itself. Mealtimes at the table are always entertaining & we often have family over for dinner or to grill.

Our home / Our pets

We live on an acreage in a smaller city. The children have about 130 kids in each grade. We have lots of different activities available in our community. There is a pool & a recreation center with a sports complex. We have walking trails that connect the entire city & lots of parks. We have a fairly diverse population in our community. We designed and built our 6 bedroom, 5,000 sq.ft home to fit our family & our lifestyle. We have plenty of room for everyone to ride ATVs, dirt bikes and run around outside and lots of space inside. We have a wooded area behind the house and the boys have built a pretty cool tree house. We have two cows that we have raised & bottle fed since they were a day old & the dogs love having all the space to run and explore. The summers are very hot and winters are snowy and cold but that just gives us opportunities to enjoy all the activities that go with the seasons!

Our extended family

Eric is an only child and grew up on a farm where his parents still live today. It is about 30 minutes away which allows us to spend a lot of time together. His parents attend the children's curricular and extracurricular events and we see them on the weekends. Erin's parents live in town about five minutes away from our home. We get together regularly and grill on the patio. Erin has 3 brothers and a sister. The kids love staying with their grandparents for an overnight every now and then & our parents help take care of our home & animals when we are out of town. Both of our families are very excited and supportive of our decision to pursue adoption. Holidays are always a fun time for our family. We usually host Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve at our house. It's nice to be able to have both sides of our families all together at the same time. Those days are filled with lots of yummy food, shenanigans, and good times.
What Led Us To Adoption
We knew since the beginning that we wanted to grow our family and have a child together. After we were married we began to try to conceive. After 5 years of trying naturally, multiple fertility treatments, many emotional days and nights and a devastating pregnancy loss, we have decided to pursue adding to our family through adoption. All of the kids (especially Reagan) have always wanted another little brother or sister and they are super excited about our decision to pursue adoption.

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