Hello! We are Amy and Gary. Thank you for helping to make our dream of becoming parents a reality by considering us to become your baby's adoptive parents! We admire the love, courage, and strength you have within you and feel that your desire to give your baby the best life possible is a beautiful and selfless decision.

The emotions and feelings you must have right now are in our hearts as we think of you and your baby and we want you to know that we will always hold you in the highest regard with this very special child. We are unable to have a baby on our own and we dream daily of becoming parents together. Our hearts are waiting to shower your baby with love.


We are incredibly grateful and honored that you are taking the time to learn about us. We deeply respect the decision you have before you. We cannot imagine what it must be like to be on your end. We too never expected to be on this one. We welcomed our healthy biological daughter into this world excited to give her a life full of love and opportunities beyond what we ever had growing up as children. Yet the one thing we will never give her is a biological sibling. This at first was very painful to learn, until we accepted God has another plan.

We are confident that God will provide you the answers to what is best for you and your baby as we are confident that God will match us with the son or daughter that is destined to be part of our family. This child will be loved unconditionally and always have our greatest support.


Kate -

Hello, I'm Kate, and I first want you to know that I truly admire you for the love and selflessness you have shown. Your generosity in carrying your child, and for what you are about to do, is providing the gift of a lifetime to someone else.

I pray that all of your expectations will be realized with whomever you choose. And, if I were to be blessed enough that you choose me, know that your child will see that your decision was made out of love. We will always honor you and the gift that you have given.