Marc & Aj


Thank you for considering us as the adopting family for your baby! Deciding to place your child for adoption is a courageous choice. And, now, choosing the family where you will place your baby is equally important. No matter what the circumstances, we respect that this is big decision. Having one adopted child already, we can share personally the blessings that adoption can bring to the child, the expectant mother, and to the adopting family. We continue to have a great relationship with our son’s birth mother and her family. 

We hope you will consider helping us to complete our family. Your baby will be welcomed with gratitude in to a home full of love, encouragement, giggles, cuddles, and snuggles. We welcome post-adoption contact, but will honor your wishes if you prefer less or no contact.

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A little bit about us. We have been together for over 13 years and married for over 10 years. We met by chance in an airport baggage claim and felt electricity in the air. We met again a few days later on New Years Eve and have been together ever since. AJ lived in NYC at the time. We spent almost every weekend together for year. After that, AJ moved West with his two rescue cats.

We have a three-and-a-half-year-old boy who we adopted at birth. He is thriving in pre-school. He enjoys playing with puzzles and LEGOS. He is nuts about trains. But, he LOVES to sing. There is always a song in his head. He also really wants a sibling. His teacher recently shared that he goes out of his way to take extra special care of the youngest babies and toddlers in the school. Your baby will have a devoted big brother and lifelong friend.

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  • Occupation: Architecture & Furniture Design
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Bachelors Degree
  • Favorite Food: Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!
  • Favorite Hobby: Travel & Exploration
  • Favorite Sport: Swimming
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: Visiting Disney World at 6 years old
  • Favorite Memory with AJ: The day we flew AJ & cats to California!
  • Dream Vacation: Lake house with family & friends
  • Favorite Animal: Dog- Labrador Retriever


  • Occupation: Healthcare Communications Executive
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: MBA
  • Favorite Food: Cheese sandwiches
  • Favorite Hobby: Travel + Legos, Legos, Legos!!
  • Favorite Sport: Hiking
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: Extended family Sunday meals
  • Favorite Memory with Marc: The day we met by chance at the airport
  • Dream Vacation: Scenic train trip through the mountains
  • Favorite Animal: Rescued dogs and cats


We live in Southern California, not far from the beach. We love to spend time outdoors with our son exploring nature. We bike to the beach to watch the sunset with picnics on the beach regularly. Our home is both filled with and surrounded by love, laughter, joy and gratitude. We have live in a three level home with lots of room for a growing family and plenty of outside space to enjoy the Southern California weather. Until recently, we had two cats in our family. Both were rescues from the streets of NYC. They passed over the last two years, each of them at a happy old age of 19! Our son misses them both. We think we see a rescue dog in the future.

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“Your baby will have a devoted big brother and lifelong friend.”

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Family and friends are sacred to us since we both grew up with large extended families who spent a lot of time together. We love getting to re-create that experience for our son now. Our friends are just as important, as they are our “chosen family.” We are blessed with wonderful souls who are all “uncles and aunties” to our family. Though it is hard right now during the pandemic, we are excited to see our family and friends in person again soon!


We both have always wanted to have a family, talking about it together right after meeting. Celebrating life with our families and our family-of-friends had always been a core part of our own lives before meeting. Now, as a couple, we both wanted to provide that same love and joy to our own children. We explored all the different ways we could go about creating a family. We obviously can’t get pregnant ourselves! 🙂 While we could go a route like surrogacy, we both agreed that adoption was the only right choice for us. We have always felt that our mission was to care for two children. Our son’s adoption confirmed in our souls that adoption was right. Now we are hoping to fulfill our mission by finding our second child. We can’t do that without you! Thank you for considering our family.