Hello—we are Sadie, Ryan & Roman from sunny Los Angeles! We want to thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us and to get to know our story. Family is something we value most in our lives — our son Roman was adopted in 2019 — and we are so excited to continue to grow ours through adoption again. We greatly admire the choice you are making, and hope to have the opportunity to tell you more about our family and to learn about your own hopes for the future and for your child.

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Ryan and I met in New York City sixteen years ago when we started college. For years we built a wonderful friendship then fell in love when we both moved to California. We were married in December of 2017, and excitedly began growing our family through adoption when we brought Roman home in November 2019. In addition to being parents, we love jogging along the ocean, hiking the mountains of L.A, and playing with our dog, Frankie. But some of our favorite moments together are spent at home, playing with Legos or reading books with Roman, learning new recipes and hosting family and friends for dinner. It’s important to us that our children are surrounded by loving, playful family and friends. We both share a love of travel and have visited exciting places like Iceland, New Zealand, and Kenya. We can’t wait to share our interest in exploring new cultures and places with our children to inspire their own sense of curiosity and wonder.

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  • Occupation: Television writer/producer
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Favorite Food: Baked potato with all the fixings
  • Favorite Hobby: drawing
  • Favorite Sport: football
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: Putting on shows with my brothers
  • Favorite Memory with Sadie: The day we brought Roman home
  • Dream Vacation: Quiet beach with family and friends
  • Favorite Animal: Gorillas


  • Occupation: Full time mom
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree
  • Favorite Food: Anything with cheese!
  • Favorite Hobby: Trail running/hiking
  • Favorite Sport: competitive surfing
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite Childhood Memory: Playing dress up with my 3 sisters
  • Favorite Memory with Ryan: They day we met Roman and his birth family
  • Dream Vacation: Renting a big beach house with family
  • Favorite Animal: Llamas
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We live in a diverse neighborhood in LA because it is important to us that our children’s community is made up of people from all different backgrounds. We moved into our new home summer of 2018 and have enjoyed working to make it our own. It has plenty of space to grow our new family. We are within walking distance of an amazing park that has great open spaces and fun play areas filled with kids, and there are several high-quality schools nearby. We have a sweet 3 year old Shepherd mix named Frankie. She is very gentle and patient, and loves our son Roman. On a given day you can find them chasing each other around our deck, lounging together on the dog bed, or sharing snacks that Roman sneaks her under the table.

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“We can’t wait to share our interest in exploring new cultures and places with our children to inspire their own sense of curiosity and wonder.”

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Both our parents still live on the East Coast and we visit several times a year. Sadie’s sister, Hannah, lives in San Francisco with our nephew, Cole. Both of Ryan’s younger brothers, Cory and Jody, live in Los Angeles and are often over our home for dinner. Sadie’s sister Kesiah was adopted, so from the beginning our family experienced how incredible adoption can be. We are grateful that our children will have Kesiah as a loving aunt. We have a wonderful group of friends here and on the East Coast. Many of our friends are starting families of their own and we’ve enjoyed being an “aunt” and “uncle” to their amazing kids.


Adoption has always been a big part of our lives. Sadie’s sister Kesiah was adopted, so she grew up knowing what a wonderful experience Adoption can be. When we were decided to grow our family, we knew that adoption as the right choice for our family. We are lucky to have built a wonderful relationship with Roman’s birth family, and we are grateful they are a big part of our lives. The more love for a child, the better!