Occupation - Substitute Teacher
Religion - Christian
Education - Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood
Favorite Food - Steak
Favorite Hobby - Sewing
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Riding go karts at the lake
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Private Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy
Dream Vacation - United Kingdom
Favorite Animal - Dog


Occupation - Retired FBI Agent
Religion - Christian
Education - Bachelor of Business Administration
Favorite Food - Fried Chicken
Favorite Hobby - Scuba Diving
Favorite Sport - Bicycling
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Grandfather's farm
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Trip to Europe
Dream Vacation - Aurora Borealis
Favorite Animal - Octopus
About Us

We are very much in love. Our days usually begin with some quiet time when we imagine and anticipate how wonderful our days will be when they are filled with a baby to embrace and love. When we met we fell madly in love in a matter of days. We knew in our hearts that we had found our soul mates and it was time to begin our lives together as husband and wife. We had a wonderful opportunity to travel Europe and we were off! We enjoy many romantic moments and we are blessed with an abundance of time together thanks to Gary's early retirement. We would love to have your child join us so we can become a real family. We enjoy going camping, being outdoors, and spending time at our cabin. We love to travel and hope to show your child the world! Gary is a scuba diver and a triathlon athlete. He loves to restore old pickups and tractors. Amy loves to sew, cook, and bake.

Our home / Our pets

We live ten minutes away from the city on five beautiful wooded acres with plenty of room for a little one to run and play. Can you see your child exploring, playing tag and hide and seek, and riding their bike in the country with lots of safe space for adventures? Our city has a four year university and there are two gorgeous lakes within an hour from our home. We enjoy spending time on the patio down by our pond or relaxing and grilling in our screened back porch. Sometimes we jump in the car and head up to the lake for a day trip or pull our camper to stay longer! We have a dog, Isaac, who is a big teddy bear and JJ, our princess dog. Elby is our cozy house cat. They can't wait to have a new friend! Four pet ducks share our pond with us. We raise free range chickens. It would be great to have a little one tag along to help gather eggs, feed the chickens, ducks and fish, fill the wild bird feeders and put out corn for the deer who visit us.

Our extended family

There are lots of aunts and uncles eagerly anticipating the great day of welcoming our new little one. We enjoy going to visit Amy's sister on her farm and there are four very special cousins anxiously waiting there for the baby to come!
What Led Us To Adoption
We want to become a family and share our lives and love with raising a child together more than anything else in the world! We are unable to have a child on our own and feel that adoption is a beautiful gift of life and a chance to provide a very special baby a life filled with unconditional love, laughter, security, education, confidence, and opportunity to become the best person he or she can possibly be. We want to fill our days with hugs, kisses, laughter, playing games, fun adventures, trips to the park and zoo, bedtime stories and singing songs, baking cookies, and lots of make believe imaginative play with a child. We hope that you can find it in your heart to entrust us with your gift of life to help us complete our family.

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