Home Study Questions

Most adoptive parents worry about the home study questions that will be asked to them in their home study interview.

A home study is a simple way for a social worker to get to know you to determine if you are ready to adopt a child.

Adopt Connect complied a list of questions that might be asked…

But first here is some advice on how you should approach these questions.



  •  Most home studies go through as long as the family is being honest.

  • They are mostly just looking to see if you are mentally and physically healthy to raise a child.


  • Home studies can be an intimating experience. Don’t sweat it and try to stay positive!

  • The questions asked are things you already know the answers to.

    • EX: personal background, parenting philosophies, motivations for becoming a parent, and how you will handle being a parent.


  • Answer the questions, but you do not have to over elaborate.


The exact list of home study questions asked to you depends on your state or adoption provider.

Some questions will be asked separately to you and your partner (if one) and some are asked together.

Here is a general list of questions that might be asked:


Things about your childhood

  • Describe your childhood and your family growing up.

  • Describe your parent’s marriage.

  • Describe the discipline and parenting practices your parents used.

  • Was there any drug or alcohol history in your family? If so, how has it affected you?

  • What were you like as a child and a teenager?

  • What is your present relationship with your parents, siblings, and extended family members?

Why you want to adopt

  • Did infertility lead you to adoption? If not, What is your motivation to adopt?

  • What are your worries and concerns about adopting?

  • What have you done to educate yourself on adoption?

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Your parenting style

  • If you have children, what has parenthood been like and how has it changed your lifestyle?

  • Describe your relationship with your children.

  • What do you see as your strengths as a parent?

  • Your weaknesses?

  • What are your views on disciplining children?

  • What are your opinions on corporal punishment?

  • Describe the type of relationship you want with the child’s birth parent(s).

Future plans for the child

  • Who will stay with the baby or child for the first month after arriving in your home?

  • How much maternity/paternity leave do you have available to you?

  • What are your plans for child care if both parents return to work?

Your preferences

  • Do you prefer a specific gender or sex of the child?

  • Would you consider a child with prenatal drug or alcohol exposure?

  • Would you be open to other disabilities? (EX: heart defect, autism, etc.)

  • Are you open to parenting a child of another race?

  • If so, what are your experiences with children and adults of other races?

Handling controversy

  • If your child does not physically look like you, how will you handle comments?

  • Do you have family or friends that are of the same race or culture as the child?

  • How will your family and community respond to a child of a race or culture?

  • What is your understanding of racism?

  • Do you have any experience with racism?


A home study is something you should not be dreading.

Most adoptive parents have good experience with their own home studies.

Remember, Stay positive and just be honest and everything should go smoothly!


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