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Why you should use Adopt Connect

Personalized Service Second to None

We can help match you quickly with a birth mother due to the various resources we use:

  • Advertising in newspapers, magazines and yellow pages throughout the US
  • Nationwide online advertising through our website and online search engines
  • Referrals from Adoption Agencies, Adoption Attorneys and other Adoption Professionals
  • Contacts with hospitals, community service organizations and schools in our area
  • Referrals from former birth parents we have worked with in the past

Once you join the Adopt Connect advertising program your profile is shown to situations that meet your adoption budget, specific adoption preferences, location, and adoption time frame.  The birth mother will look over the adoptive family profiles that met her criteria and then make a decision on an adoptive family based on what she feels is the best match.  When you are matched typically adoption attorneys and professionals from your home state or the birth mothers home state will help with the legal process and placement of the child.

Streamlined Process

You can network on your own and spend money on a website, newspaper advertising, social media sites and online search engines.  However, this process is very expensive and time-consuming and there are no guaranteed results.  Adopt Connect spends thousands of dollars weekly on advertising and marketing services.  Adopt Connect also has extensive experience working with birth parents who call in and asking the right questions to make sure they are committed to adoption.  We talk to birth mothers about what they are looking for in a family and find out what their  pre-adoption and post-adoption preferences are.  This helps ensure there are no misunderstandings between the adoptive family and the birth mother.  This also helps increase the likelihood of you having a successful adoption.

Experience and Knowledge

We have helped hundreds of families successfully adopt.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you through the adoption process and only work with the most respected adoption professionals in the business.  We know the adoption process can be stressful and we can help talk you through what you should expect and help make your adoption go as smooth as possible.

Our Commitment

We understand that adoption is a big decision and there are many options for a family to choose from.  We can help guide you through the process.  We take pride in our knowledgeable, honest and professional service that is superior to the others. If you are hoping to adopt or would like more information on the adoption process call one of our Adoption Coordinator’s today at 1-866-743-9212 or Request Information here. If you are ready to get started with Adopt Connect click the Apply Now button to fill out an adoptive family application.

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