Are all families successful in adopting?

Almost all of our families that have joined with Adopt Connect have been successful in adopting.   We take pride in making sure that every family that works with Adopt Connect has a successful adoption  We have over a 95% success rate in helping our families with a successful adoption.

At what point can birth parents sign over their parental rights?

In most states, birth parents cannot sign over their parental rights until after the baby is born, commonly in the next 48 to 72. In most cases, once you are in a match, you will learn the legal process for the state in which your adoption will occur. Most of the time, a birth mother’s rights are terminated once she signs the legal paperwork or goes to court, but she can change her mind up until the time of signing.

Do we need a home study before we contract with Adopt Connect?

Although you will need a home study to complete your adoption, you will not need one before you contract with us. We will refer you to a place where you can complete your home study. You can work on it while Adopt Connect is searching for your birth mom.

Do you have a waiting list?

We typically do not have a waiting list.   It may all depend on the race and gender of the baby you are looking to adopt.

How do we get accepted into Adopt Connect’s program?

All couples must have an informational meeting. There is no fee for this meeting. We require a conference call or an in person meeting depending on your geographic location.

How does Adopt Connect avoid birth mother disruptions?

Unfortunately, disruption is a reality that comes with the adoption territory, but Adopt Connect is fully committed to open and direct communication with their Adoptive Parents and they can be confident in the fact that the Adopt Connect team will walk them through all aspects of their adoption process, especially in the event of a disruption.  Adoptive Parents can also be assured that it is Adopt Connect’s commitment to re-market any Adoptive Parents who have experienced a disruption until Adopt Connect is able to present them with another adoption opportunity.

How long does it take to adopt through Adopt Connect?

Our ‘connection’ times range from anywhere between 2 months to 20 months. There are some obvious decisions that could make your connection time much shorter. If you are open to race, gender, expenses, location and possible drug or alcohol exposure, your adoption process could move quicker.

How long is the contract valid?

The Adoption Advertising Agreement expires two years from the date the fee is paid and the client has provided Adopt Connect with a signed and initialed copy of the  Agreement, or upon completion of the adoption of one child or one sibling group, involving the same mother (whether with the assistance of Adopt Connect or otherwise), whichever occurs first, or at such time that Adopt Connect is instructed by the Clients that its services are no longer required.

Is Adopt Connect a licensed agency?

No, Adopt Connect is not a private or public licensed adoption agency, licensed psychotherapist or counselor, attorney, law firm, adoption service provider (ASP), investigator, or social worker.  Adopt Connect does not place children for adoption, the birth mother, attorney or licensed adoption agency places children for adoption.

Adopt Connect is a marketing and advertising company. We may act as an intermediary between birth parents and adoptive couples.  Once you are connected with a birth mother, all of our adoptions are adoption attorney or agency-assisted adoptions.  Your adoption becomes an adoption between you and the licensed adoption attorney or agency that will be handling the adoption.  This gives you the added protection our adoptive parents are always seeking

Is there a fee to apply for your program?

There is no fee for you to apply.  You can call us at 1-866-743-9212 or email us at [email protected] and we can send you an application to fill out.

What background/medical information will I receive on the birth mother?

The birth mother must fill out medical forms and sign a release; thus allowing the agency assisting or the attorney assisting access to her medical records. Adopt Connect may obtain information about adoption situations from the birthmother or the referring adoption professional assisting a birth mother concerning, but not limited to, medical, mental, psychological, emotional, IQ, and social history, use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol before and during pregnancy, financial status or needs, insurance coverage, etc.; identity, medical, mental, psychological, emotional, IQ, and social history of anyone, and/or the whereabouts of alleged, legal, and/or presumed birth father(s), etc. However, Adopt Connect does not perform investigative services and cannot corroborate or guarantee the veracity of any information received.

What does Adopt Connect provide us?

Services provided by Adopt Connect are limited to education, support, resources, advertising, and networking. Once a mutual commitment to adoption is made by the mother of the child or children and the adoptive parents, it is the responsibility of the adoption agency and/or adoption attorney, or other party outside of Adopt Connect, to develop, manage, and further facilitate all aspects of the actual adoption plan, offer or provide counseling, give legal advice, and complete the adoption process. Adopt Connect is not contractually or otherwise obligated to participate in the creation, implementation or management of any adoption plan, nor in the legal or the social-work aspect of any adoption.

The service is very simple. Our service consists of a fee to the adoptive families who are interested in adopting. The fee is based on two full years of advertising, support, networking, answering birth mother phone calls 24-hours a day, help in designing a personal profile, presentation of profile to birth parents, until the families are connected in a successful adoption. This is a “cooperative” advertising fee, wherein prospective birth mothers have 24-hour access to our toll-free telephone lines to assist them.

We feel we have put together a program that works for both the birth mothers and the adoptive parents. We have combined the hands-on approach to adoption that our birth mothers desire; and for our adoptive parents, the security of an adoption agency.

All of our adoptions are assisted by a licensed agency or an adoption attorney. We will direct you to the a qualified social worker or agency in your state to assist you in getting a home study if you do not have one. Once you are connected with a birth mom, a social worker from the agency or adoption attorney in the birth mothers home state will be assigned to your birth mom.

We will provide you with questions to ask the birth mother and what “red flags” to watch for. We allow the adoptive parents the option to decline a birth mother situation at any time, within the two-year period. Being a small-sized office, we are able to spend more time working on coordinating a custom adoption plan to fit your needs, both personally and financially. We are here to help, guide, and direct you along the way to finding your birth mother.

The birth mother is presented with profiles from our adoptive families. She then makes a decision on the adoptive family from those profiles. The family would then speak with the birth mother and meet in person, if possible. Once a “match” is made, the licensed agency or adoption attorney will take over. We do not provide any of the legal or social work for the adoption process, those services will be provided by the agency or adoption attorney.   If the adoption plan fails, due to the birth mother possibly changing her mind or health problems with the child, we will continue our advertising and marketing efforts for the remaining time of the contract at no additional charge. We will help guide you to a safe and successful adoption!

What is the cost?

We charge a fee for services provided which is due with the signed Advertising Agreement.

** Please remember there is an Adoption Tax Credit in 2012 of $12,650 and it is not refundable — meaning if  your total tax bill is less than the amount of the credit, you  will not get additional money back from the Internal Revenue Service.  Most of Adopt Connect’s families are able to benefit from this tax credit, which significantly reduces the cost of adoption. This Tax Credit makes our adoption advertising coordination fee FREE.

Please note, you are not paying a “finder’s fee”. The majority of our fees represent the following:

  • Placement of the adoption advertisements, which will run continuously.
  • 24-hour toll free help-line for birth mothers.
  • Assistance to the adoptive parents with the creation, design, and presentation of a personal profile.
  • We arrange and coordinate telephone communication and meetings between the birth mother (if desired) and adoptive parents.
  • Assistance in communicating with the birth mother, such as questions to ask her, and what “red flags” to watch for.
  • Assistance in answering any questions that the adoptive family has regarding anything related to the adoption.

The majority of the birth mothers have some form of medical insurance.  In most cases Title 19 Aid pays for most medical/hospital bills for the birth mother.

We will provide referrals to local, state, and federal programs to help assist in financial support.

Some states allow the adoptive family to support the birth mother for a small amount of her pregnancy with ‘pregnancy related’ expenses. These expenses can include rent, food, utilities, medical needs, transportation to and from Dr. appointments, counseling and maternity clothing.

Attorney’s fees are separate and will depend on the complexity of your adoption and the state adoption laws in the state where the birth mother resides.

What is the next step?

Simply fill out and submit the Request Information form to receive information on applying to our domestic adoption program online or email us at [email protected].   After you complete your preliminary application, you will be sent the necessary paperwork to start the adoption process.  You can contact Adopt Connect at 1-866-743-9212.

What is the total cost for the entire adoption?

Several factors determine the total cost for an adoption which include medical bills, birth mother living expenses and legal fees. Fee estimates do not include your home study or travel expenses. Adoptive families may place a limit on their adoption budget. We strive to provide affordable adoptions without cutting corners.  Most of the adoptions our families are involved with range from $20,000 to $28,000 for the total budget.

What kind of contact would we have with the birthmother?

The majority of the adoptions that we are involved in are considered ‘semi-open’. This means that the birth mother has had an opportunity to speak with the adoptive family and possibly may have had an opportunity to meet with them. Most birth mothers will request letters and pictures after the baby is born. We encourage that the adoptive family be at the hospital for birth or be in the delivery room if all parties are in agreement, since this is,  a once in a lifetime opportunity! However, there are times when a birth mother will request a closed adoption.  We do work with birth mothers who prefer to have open or closed adoptions also.  We make sure that we only present your profile to birth mothers who are comfortable with the same type of contact you are comfortable with (open, semi-open or closed).

Where do the birth mothers come from?

Many of our contacts come from newspaper ads, personal referrals, attorneys, hospitals, physicians, crisis centers, schools, and the internet. We network with many adoption professions and by word-of-mouth.

Who can apply to Adopt Connect?

Adopt Connect has fewer restrictions than an adoption agency. We have no religious belief, marital status or same-sex restrictions. Families with biological children are also welcome to apply. The choice of adoptive families is made by the birth mother; so our families with children do as well as our families without children.  We also work with couples who are signed on with an adoption agency/professional and have not had any luck yet. Please remember we review all applications to determine if we are able to help you and will give you honest feedback if we are unable to assist you with the adoption process.

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