Occupation - Stay at home Mom, licensed cosmetologist
Religion - Christian
Education - Cosmetology School
Favorite Food - Mexican and Pizza
Favorite Hobby - Anything outdoor and repurposing
Favorite Sport - Volleyball
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Riding horses with my Dad
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Rock climbing at Red Rock
Dream Vacation - Hawaii
Favorite Animal - Horses


Occupation - Project manager at a glass glazing company
Religion - Christian
Education - Trade School
Favorite Food - Crab legs
Favorite Hobby - Building things
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Playing outside and fishing
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Vacationing with the kids
Dream Vacation - Hawaii
Favorite Animal - Dog
About Us

We met 22 years ago at our first job. We became fast friends and built a strong friendship over the next three years. We then dated for three years, during which Jerry started and completed an apprenticeship program with a construction company and Maryann attended cosmetology school. We have now have been married for 16 years. Our marriage has been very full and exciting, having children, renovating houses and taking long vacations. We have much in common and enjoy all of our time spent together. We have three biological children, but have always felt God calling us to adopt some day. This next step in our lives is very exciting to our entire family.

Our home / Our pets

We live in an average sized ranch home on 15 acres that we enjoy 12 months out of the year. We choose to live in the country so we can spend lots of time outdoors, and that we do. If we are not out back playing baseball or soccer we are down at the pond skipping rocks or sledding down the hill in the back pasture. We have an array of animals and love them all from the chickens to the dogs, and they all entertain us in one way or another.

Our extended family

Jerry is the youngest of three then later in life became a brother again when his mother had another daughter. Maryann is the middle child of five with three sisters and one brother. Between the two of us we have fourteen nieces and nephews. Both of our families live within a short thirty minute drive, and thankfully we get to see them often. They are all very supportive of us and the kids, always wanting to help in any way or just come to watch the kids play their sports.
What Led Us To Adoption
The long and short answer of what let us to adoption is God! Before we were married we felt this calling on our lives through a mission trip that Maryann took. When I returned I told Jerry about this tugging on my heart and Jerry quickly agreed that this would be something that we would do. That was almost 20 years ago and we feel this calling as much now as we did then.

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