Occupation - Healthcare Consultant
Religion - Christian
Education - Bachelor of Arts
Favorite Food - Cupcakes
Favorite Hobby - Hobby
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Rollerskating on my patio
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Driving the coast of CA
Dream Vacation - Hawaii
Favorite Animal - Dogs


Occupation - Owner of an Environmental Consulting Company
Religion - Christian
Education - Master’s Degree
Favorite Food - Steak
Favorite Hobby - Waterskiing
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Halloween
Favorite Childhood Memory - Being on the lake
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Our honeymoon
Dream Vacation - Europe
Favorite Animal - Dogs
About Us

Jim and Janet met in 2003 and married in 2005. We are both water lovers, and in fact named our daughter ‘Maren,’ which means ‘ocean-loving.’ We live on a lake and we spend many weeks at the beach each year. Jim is a gifted water-skiier, and Maren learned how to ski last summer and loved it! We spent a lot of time traveling before having our daughter. She now travels with us. Besides the beach, we enjoy snow skiing, amusement parks, the mountains, and touring new cities. We follow a “work hard, play hard” philosophy in life. We give 100% to everything in our lives. We are passionate about our work, ministry, family time, and our friendships.

About Janet: I am very social and I love being active outdoors. I am happiest when I am around other people, including children. Being around children gives me an excuse to act like a kid! I am very detail-oriented, and can sometimes take myself too seriously. Thankfully I have a husband and daughter who remind me of this frequently, and I have learned to just ‘be!’ I have taken a break from my career in order to prepare for adoption. I love and appreciate my role as mom more than anything. I am so very excited about the opportunity to expand our family!

About Jim: I am a fun-loving and dedicated husband and father. I try to invoke wisdom and peace into my family’s lives. I am an environmental consultant but also love opportunities to teach. I have enjoyed teaching Sunday school and caring for children at a local mission. I love the outdoors and can tell you anything you want to know about bugs, plants, animals, and water. I enjoy teaching Maren about the earth. I am beyond excited to be a dad to more children. I have a lot of love to give!

About Maren: Maren is a 7-year-old redheaded wonder! She has high energy and lots to say. Maren is involved in gymnastics and swimming. She is in the 2nd grade and loves school and art. She is very maternal and gravitates to babies and toddlers. She has about 17 baby dolls and lines them up for ’school.’ She is kind, sympathetic, and loves cuddling. She would like you to know that she will help Mom and Dad take really great care of your child(ren)!

Our home / Our pets

We fell in love with our home before it was even on the market. We looked at a different house in the neighborhood and when we saw what is now our house, we said, ‘If that house ever goes on the market, we’re buying it!’ One week later, our realtor called.

We live on a small lake, the only one in our region that you can both live and ski on. We added a beach and a playhouse on the lake front. We have large porches and spend a lot of time on them, as well as in our kitchen and living room. We watch herons, eagles, geese and ducks every day.

We have two dogs, an outdoor cat, and a fish. The dogs are great with kids but we feel it’s important to separate animals from small children. They are usually busy chasing squirrels anyway!

We enjoy playing games, dancing, cooking, baking, reading and napping in our favorite spots. We consider ourselves so blessed that we come home to such a retreat every day!

Our extended family

There are 2 living grandparents, 5 aunts, 5 uncles, 7 cousins, and countless friends. One aunt, uncle and 2 cousins live nearby. Others live a weekend trip away. Even though we may only see some family members once a year, we are very close and talk frequently.

Some of our family members live in Florida and California, so we get to visit family and vacation at the same time! Our families also love coming to visit us on the lake.

We take birthday celebrations very seriously in our families, as well as holiday meals. ‘Big’ birthdays are always celebrated somewhere fun with the whole family. Holiday meals include multiple types of pies, cookies, and more food than we can ever eat!

What Led Us To Adoption
We discussed adoption even before having our daughter. We love children and know that we can provide a safe, loving home. We were unable to conceive again after having our daughter. She is nurturing and generous and will make a great big sister!

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