Occupation - Event planner
Religion - Catholic
Education - College
Favorite Food - Grilled Chicken, Brocc and brown rice
Favorite Hobby - Workout/Bootcamp Class and being active
Favorite Sport - Volleyball-play/ Baseball-watch
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Christmas' when my dad was alive
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - When John Proposed on St. Pats Day
Dream Vacation - Skiing in Vermont or Colorado & Lodge
Favorite Animal - Dogs


Occupation - Firefighter/ Medic
Religion - Catholic
Education - Fire Acedemy and Medic School
Favorite Food - Polish Sausage & Sauerkraut
Favorite Hobby - Hunting, Fishing & Golf
Favorite Sport - Soccer-play/ Hockey-watch
Favorite Holiday - Saint Patricks Day
Favorite Childhood Memory - Scored 9 goals in soccer & fam was there
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Vacation to Tybee
Dream Vacation - Trip to Ireland with Alix-Ann & family
Favorite Animal - Dogs
About Us

We have been married for over 9 years and have a great relationship based on love, trust and friendship. We have so much fun together and constantly are making each other laugh about some things that only we find humorous. John and I have traveled, vacations and enjoyed some amazing opportunities. We are ready to share those with a child and start new family traditions and adventures together as a family.

Our home / Our pets

We live in a quaint town outside of Saint Louis on a very friendly street with lots of kids and wonderful neighbors. We have a 3 bedroom home and 2 1/2 bath and are just waiting to open it up to a little one.

We have two really cool dogs, Truman and Bess. Truman is a great dane and bloodhound and Bess is a Australian Cattle dog. Both of our dogs were rescues and adopted and are just thrilled to pieces to hopefully soon have a Brother and sister to play with. We have a very large back yard and a new back deck that lends for family and friend gatherings.

Our extended family

We are very blessed to have almost all of our family here in one area. John is the youngest of 3 boys and only the middle brother lives out of town. We have his parents, aunts and uncles with in a couple miles of each other and many cousins to play with. Alix-Ann's family is a little smaller but we are so fortunate that her mom is so wonderful and supportive and lives 2 miles away. She has a sister that lives very close and the coolest niece ever. Family is very important to us both and everyone is so eager to hopefully meet a new little one very soon.
What Led Us To Adoption
After being married for 5 years and still not having any luck getting pregnant on our own. We sought medical help and did quite a few treatments. We have now been married over 9 years and we are very ready to have a child through adoption and can't imagine it any other way.

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