Occupation - Social Worker
Favorite Childhood Memory - Growing up in my family's restaurant
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Being in Hawaii
Dream Vacation - Going to Italy
Favorite Animal - Tigers


Occupation - IT Security Team Lead
Favorite Childhood Memory - Spending time with my Grandmother
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Being in Hawaii
Dream Vacation - Going back to Hawaii
Favorite Animal - Simba, my first dog
About Us

Jonathan and Theresa grew up in separates states; it wasn't until Theresa moved to Jonathan's home state for college that they started dating after both utilizing eHarmony. After getting to know each other and realizing how much they loved each other and in late 2009 Jonathan proposed to Theresa. Theresa and Jonathan were married in 2011 and honeymooned in Hawaii.

Our home / Our pets

We have two dogs and one cat that are going to be extremely excited to welcome a new additional to the family.

Our extended family

One of the most important things to Jonathan and Theresa are family. Theresa comes from a big Italian family and Jon comes from a smaller family. Recently Theresa and Jonathan lost an important figure in their life suddenly, Theresa's father passed away without warning and just made Jonathan and Theresa understand even more how precious and important that family is to each of them.
What Led Us To Adoption

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