Occupation - Designer/Creative Director
Religion - Catholic
Education - Bachelor of Fine Arts
Favorite Food - Mexican
Favorite Hobby - Crafting or Baking
Favorite Sport - Golf
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Going to car shows in my Dad's 57 Chevy
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Hiking in Yosemite
Dream Vacation - Bora Bora!
Favorite Animal - Dog


Occupation - Concrete sales
Religion - Catholic
Education - Bachelor of Arts / Master in Education
Favorite Food - Anything on the grill
Favorite Hobby - Being outdoors
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving
Favorite Childhood Memory - Playing on the farm with my cousins
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Going to our first Cubs game in Chicago
Dream Vacation - Bora Bora
Favorite Animal - Dog
About Us

Ok, us in a nutshell :) We love to travel and spend time outdoors. We learned to snowboard our first year dating and have been going on annual ski trips. Next year we plan to take Dax for the first time. We also love to hike, and we LOVE the lake. We have a small lake cabin that Justin, his brother, and Crystal’s dad built themselves, and we now spend pretty much every weekend there. We hang at the beach, or go out tubing on the boat. Sometimes we just float and watch the sail boats go by. It's so peaceful. And our family and friends always join us. Crystal works from home, she's a designer for an ad agency and Justin is in sales. We love sports, well, Justin loves sports, and Crystal loves Justin! We have this dream to take our kids to see the Cubs play in every stadium. And then there's us at home, we work on projects around the house, build lots of lego castles and pillow forts and Crystal & Dax bake a ton together.

Our home / Our pets

Well first of all, we live in a very tiny town, but don't be scared, it's amazing! We moved here a couple years ago, from a large city. We wanted to raise our family in a smaller town where our children would be a part of a smaller class and have ample opportunities to participate in sports and events. Our town has lots of young families that all look out for each other. Most people think of Nebraska as flat, but our town is nestled in rolling hills & trees, right along the Missouri River. There is a beautiful State Park, minutes from our home where we hike and fish.

We live one block from the school in a 100 year old home that we remodeled top to bottom. We also have a small lake cabin about an hour from our house. We spend every weekend in the summer there with our friends and family, and our 2 dogs, Wrigley and Duke. Wrigley is a boxer and Duke is a chihuahua—we had to give him a big name so he wouldn't feel inferior.

Our extended family

We both come from large families. Crystal is the oldest of 4 and Justin is one of 6 children. Both of our parents have been married for close to 40 years and they are the best grandparents! We spend a lot of time with both of our families. We alternate family vacations with them each year, and Justin's family joins us at the lake every weekend in the summer.

Both of our families are anxious for us to adopt! Justin's siblings have lots of kids and Grandma & Grandpa can't wait for another grand baby to spoil. Also, Crystal's mother has 8 adopted siblings so adoption has always been a special part of our lives.

What Led Us To Adoption
Building a family has been a challenging road for us. We spent years going through fertility treatments to get pregnant with our son, Dax, and several years after he was born we were told we wouldn’t have any more children of our own. We have always dreamed of a bigger family and felt that adoption was the right path for us. Crystal’s mom has 8 adopted siblings and we have several friends who have been blessed through adoption. Waiting is the hardest part. We are over-the-moon excited to welcome another child into our family!

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