Occupation - Financial Analyst
Religion - Catholic
Education - Masters Business Administration
Favorite Food - Pizza
Favorite Hobby - Drawing
Favorite Sport - Yoga
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Lake Michigan vacation with family
Dream Vacation - Italian Alps
Favorite Animal - Whale
About Me

I’m a single woman in my 40's, whom others describe as warm, fun-loving, and kind. I grew up in a close and happy family, with two wonderful parents and eight siblings. Today, this family has expanded to include 6 in-laws and 13 grandchildren. ​My parents taught us that that being a friend or family member means being there for each other. So know that your child will be part of a loving family and one that chooses to be each other's greatest support. My nieces and nephews are best friends and interact on a daily basis. They attend each other’s special activities, have regular overnight visits – often at my place- and text message each throughout the week.​​ And, as grandparents, aunts an uncles, we joyfully guide and care for our younger family members.  ​​I believe each of us needs to be surrounded by people who see the beauty in us – who love us for who we are, yet challenge us to grow throughout our lives.

My home / My pets

I live in a residential area of Chicago with tree-lined streets, lots of families, and a large park a half of block away. Here, families and friends gather year round for softball, sledding, picnics, tennis, the playground, and just enjoying nature and the community. I also have a great career and work in an investment firm where people put their family first. I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule. My travel is limited and I’m always home in time for dinner. And, with so many activities to do in the city, I will be there for every ball game, dance recital and important event. My nieces and nephews love to stay overnight with me and enjoy the neighborhood. We always take the short walk to the Lake Michigan Lakefront and Lincoln Park Zoo. I am friendly with all of my neighbors. Each year on the evening before New Year’s Eve, I host an “Eve of the Eve” party. One of the things I love about Chicago is the large mix of backgrounds and cultures.

My extended family

I’m a member of large and close family. My parents, eight siblings and their spouses, and 13 nieces and nephews care for each other and enjoy each other’s company. We have our own family email address and share updates, messages of inspiration, humor and support on a daily basis. We regularly take weekend trips to Michigan for hiking or cross country skiing. In fact, my brother in law kiddingly refers to these frequent get togethers as a “YAFE” – short for “yet another family event!” Your child will be part of a close and loving family and one that chooses to be each other’s greatest support.
What Led Me To Adoption
I’ve always dreamed of being a mother and having a family. And, I’ve always been very open to building a family through adoption. I feel very fortunate to have wonderful relationships, world travels, an interesting career and an incredible family. I’m excited about what lies ahead—perhaps it will include a husband and marriage, perhaps it won’t. But, either way, I feel blessed beyond words, For now my sole focus is on adoption and becoming a mom, and I’ve never been happier. My family and friends have always taken great interest in, and embraced other cultures and races. In the same way, your child and I will take great joy in learning and emerging in their heritage and culture. Please know that I want your child to take great pride in exactly who they are.

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