Occupation - Administrative Associate
Religion - Roman Catholic
Education - Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology
Favorite Food - Chicken & fries
Favorite Hobby - Drawing, baking, playing games, reading
Favorite Sport - Baseball
Favorite Holiday - Halloween (it's my birthday!)
Favorite Childhood Memory - Family vacations at the shore
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Traveling, Grand Cayman, Punta Cana
Dream Vacation - Amazon Rainforest
Favorite Animal - Whales, orangutans, stingrays


Occupation - Project Manager
Religion - United Methodist
Education - Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications
Favorite Food - BBQ chicken pizza
Favorite Hobby - Golfing, going to hockey games
Favorite Sport - Hockey
Favorite Holiday - Halloween
Favorite Childhood Memory - Many trips to Disney World
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Vacations to Caribbean & Disney World
Dream Vacation - Road trip to see all Flyers away games
Favorite Animal - Cheetah
About Us

We are a fun-loving, sincere, happy-go-lucky, and adventurous couple looking for our missing piece. We enjoy traveling, playing games, walking the dogs, and spending time with family and friends. We are always laughing and joking around. We love to stay busy, but we also like to enjoy downtime together. Each night, we spend time watching our favorite TV shows, taking in a movie, playing board games, or working on a jigsaw puzzle. Our two dogs love when we play with them, take them for walks around the neighborhood, and play outside in the backyard. We love having family and friends over especially when we host game nights and holiday celebrations. Every other year we throw a big costume party for Halloween. We absolutely love traveling and go on 2 to 3 vacations a year. We cannot wait to share all of our favorite places with the baby!

Our home / Our pets

Our home is located in a suburban town in Southeastern Pennsylvania on a quiet, tree-lined street. It is a 1,400 sq ft, one-story ranch house with a garden and a fenced-in backyard. It has 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 living rooms, a kitchen, and a large deck. Our rooms are painted in bright colors, and home truly reflects all of the things that we love. We cannot wait for that to include children.

Our pets make up a large part of our lives. They were the first additions to our small family. We have 2 rescue dogs (Abbey & Kodi), a bird (Casey), and a tropical fish tank. Abbey is a lab mix. She is very smart and knows all kinds of tricks. She loves being outside and sunbathing on the deck. Kodi is an eskimo/chow mix. He is always ready to play and loves squeaking his toys and chasing squirrels. Casey, our blue crowned conure, knows how to say "hello" and will dance for treats.

Our extended family

We are blessed to have a big, loving, and supportive family. We are very close to our parents. Both sets of parents live about 30 minutes away. We see our parents at least once or twice a month and our extended family regularly. Our family celebrates EVERYTHING! We are always together! We have fun playing games and sports together. Everyone loves to eat and cook. Some of our best meals are at our holiday gatherings. We even plan the occasional family vacation together. Everyone is very excited about our decision to adopt and cannot wait to shower our new baby with a lifetime of love and kisses!
What Led Us To Adoption
We have always wanted children and have struggled with infertility for years. We made the decision to adopt soon after learning it would be difficult for Stephanie to get pregnant. We are very excited about the thought of bringing a baby into our home and cannot wait to be parents!

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