Occupation - Self Employed-Skin Care (Former Teacher)
Religion - Christian
Education - Masters Degree in Education
Favorite Food - Fried Chicken
Favorite Hobby - Anything Outdoors
Favorite Sport - Basketball
Favorite Holiday - Christmas & Halloween
Favorite Childhood Memory - Summers Out From School
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - The day we were married
Dream Vacation - Italy
Favorite Animal - Dog


Occupation - Law Enforcement
Religion - Christian
Education - Associates Degree +
Favorite Food - Sushi
Favorite Hobby - Wakeboarding
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Going to Disneyworld
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Wedding Cruise
Dream Vacation - Austrailia
Favorite Animal - Dog
About Us

We are Kim & Donnie. We first met in the winter of 2005 and married in the spring of 2008. We are both very active, loving and committed people. We enjoy nearly anything outdoors, during all seasons. In the fall and winter we traditionally gather around bonfires, go to haunted houses, visit the local pumpkin patch, and catch a few great football games. We both enjoy snow sports and in the spring and summer months we enjoy grilling out with neighbors, walking our dogs, and hanging out around the pool.

Kim was a middle school math teacher for 8 years, currently works from home in skin care. She is an avid reader, enjoys running in local races, snow and water sports are two of her favorite pastimes.

Donnie is a police officer of almost 20 years, and served as an EMT for 4 years before joining the police force. He enjoy weightlifting, golf, snow/water sports, spending time with my family & friends. His wife and children are his entire world.

Our home / Our pets

We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood, with tons of children and very friendly neighbors. We are far enough away from the big city to enjoy the peace and quiet at night, but close enough for a short trip to the museum, local amusement parks, and nearby shopping malls. We have many close friends in the neighborhood with whom we have known through mutual friends and through our sons pre-school. We frequently visit with our friends and gather for cookouts, watch a football game on t.v. or celebrate a birthday. We built our home in the summer of 2013 with the intention to expand our family through adoption. Our home offers 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, in-ground swimming pool on 1/2 acre lot.

We have 4 pets: 2 dogs & 2 cats. Sebastian is an 8 year old chocolate lab, Sampson is 6month old goldendoodle. Pheobee(13yr old) & Sophia (10yr old) are our indoor cats.

Our extended family

Donnie's Parents are both retired, Mom is a retired school bus driver and Dad is a retired union steward for a well known factory in our home town. They have been married for 50 years and adore their grandchildren and have been super supportive our family. Donnie is an only child.

Kim comes from a blended family that includes the blessings of multiple siblings through remarriage after her parents divorced. There are 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers. Her mom lives in Florida and is employed as an office manager in a real estate firm. Her Dad and Step-Mom are a field foreman for a sheet metal company and a nurse case manager, respectively. The oldest sister lives in Florida as well, is married and has 3 (almost) fully grown children. Her other sister lives in South Carolina with her husband and 2 small children. The 2 youngest brothers are both married and live in Florida with their wives and children. We will often head to Florida to visit family and experience a vacation.

What Led Us To Adoption

While Donnie has a daughter, Lauren from a previous marriage, and together we have our, Isaiah, through adoption, we knew that we wanted to grow our family once more. After having tried for many years and multiple failed fertility treatments and medications, we accepted that conceiving a child biologically was not God's plan for us. That plan was confirmed in September of 2015 when Kim had to have a complete hysterectomy at the age of 36.

We feel that he gave us the blessing of adoption in order experience love in its greatest form-adoption!

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