Occupation - Filmmaker
Religion - Christian
Education - MFA
Favorite Food - Macaroni and Cheese - Yum!
Favorite Hobby - Photography
Favorite Sport - Snow Skiing
Favorite Holiday - Christmas with the whole big family
Favorite Childhood Memory - Meeting my mother
Dream Vacation - Volunteering at elephant orphanage
Favorite Animal - Horses
About Me

The first thing you should know about me is that I LOVE being a parent! Our home is warm and happy and full of love. We have so much fun. My little ones make me smile and laugh a hundred times a day. I learn so much from them. It's not always easy but being a parent makes me find the best in myself and try to make it better.

I have an amazing job. I'm a filmmaker and journalist. I focus on human rights and civil rights. My film on Rwanda was nominated for an Academy Award and won an Emmy. My work has been on HBO, CNN, CBS, in TIME Magazine, People Magazine and The New York Times Magazine. Now I'm making a film about America's civil rights struggles, hopes and changes through the eyes of African Americans over the age of 100. My children got to sing happy birthday at a 115th birthday party! One of the 113 year old women in my film, Mother Ruby, became like an adopted grandmother to me. I work close to home on my own schedule so that I can spend time with my children.

My home / My pets

We live by the beach in California. We have kittens and a puppy named Cowboy. We ride bikes on the beach, build sandcastles and boogie board in the waves. We love to stay home, splash in the pool, jump on the trampoline, and build forts out of pillows and blankets. On pizza movie night we make homemade pizza and ice cream, have dough tossing contests and get covered in flour and pizza sauce. Jude and Luna love to put on shows in our living room. They pull out their costumes and become princesses and rock stars. We love art. The kids are always painting, drawing, gluing or glittering something. Jude loves to read his favorite stories to his little sister. We love to travel! We've been on a Caribbean cruise, climbed the Great Wall of China, taken a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and felt so small, picked blueberries by the sea in Maine. We milk cows on a family farm every summer and we always go to Disneyland for my birthday!

My extended family

I grew up in Texas. I was raised by a loving father and my grandparents, but without my mother who was very young and not able to be the best parent at that time in her life. My father re-married and had several other children. I am the oldest of 5 and we are all very close. Jude and Luna have lots of cousins and we all get together as often as we can. My mother and I connected again in my teen years and my mom is a now a wonderful mother and grandmother to my children and a very important part of our lives.

My family is Christian. We celebrate every holiday together and share traditions from our faith as well as from other countries and cultures that we have experienced in our travels. Our spirituality is a meaningful part of our lives.

What Led Me To Adoption

I've always known that one day I would adopt. Traveling and living around the world I've met many people living through hardships of all kinds with such grace. Their strength and courage has inspired me. I've seen how difficult it is for parents to care for their children in many circumstances. I've met and fallen in love with children who did not have families.

My brother's family adopted their son from Ethiopia. Luna's best friend is adopted. My closest friend, my children's godfather, is African American and his daughter is biracial. We all fit together just right!

However my children come to me I will love and cherish them, honor their roots, share our worlds, and be a family.

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