Occupation - Senior Clinical Informaticist
Religion - Roman Catholic
Education - Registered Nurse
Favorite Food - Mexican or Pizza
Favorite Hobby - Boating, Sailing
Favorite Sport - Football
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Traveling with family
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Sailing in the BVI
Dream Vacation - Patagonia
Favorite Animal - Dogs

Maria Isabel

Occupation - Pediatrician
Religion - Roman Catholic
Education - Medical Doctor
Favorite Food - Plantains
Favorite Hobby - Boating
Favorite Sport - Soccer
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Being on the boat with my parents
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Sailing in the BVI
Dream Vacation - Patagonia
Favorite Animal - Puppies
About Us

Maria is from Puerto Rico and Pam is from New Orleans. We live in the South and often take road trips to discover our surroundings. We love to spend time with our family and friends, travel, and sail. Maria is a pediatrician, Pam is a pediatric nurse. Pam has done a little bit of everything. She is good at math, graduated from high school at 16 and became a nurse at 19. She was a helicopter transport nurse and now works as a medical software developer. The first thing most people say about Maria is how funny and easy going she is. Her work is serious stuff but she brings her calm, kind, gentle and humorous nature with her everywhere she goes. Her colleagues adore her and she is the “family doctor” for many of their children. I know of no greater compliment than to trust a person with the life of your family.

Our home / Our pets

Our home is next to a park where the neighborhood kids gather daily and the grown- ups come to get their exercise. The playground is phenomenal. We live just outside a large city and there are many museums, the zoo, aquarium, and sports venues. Our house is home to the two of us, five small dogs, an aviary of birds, and aquariums full of marine curiosities.

Our extended family

Our families live on the Coast and in Florida. We see them as often as we can and our network of friends is large and very involved in our life here. Many of them have children and we are fortunate to be included in their lives as an extension of the family. There is always a trip to the beach, basketball game or backyard barbecue going on.
What Led Us To Adoption
We love each other very much and our life is full. We know that science can offer a variety of options for us to become parents but we feel that God has already had a hand in creating our baby; we just need to find him/her. Pam’s mom was adopted and so we already know first-hand that family can come in many different shapes, varieties and colors. Creating a family of our own was one of our first conversations. We have hearts full of love to give, a spirit of exploration, desire for learning and we are tolerant and forgiving.

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