Occupation - Bookstore Manager
Religion - Christian
Education - College
Favorite Food - I love to try new foods!
Favorite Hobby - Singing and painting
Favorite Holiday - Halloween
Favorite Childhood Memory - Acting in plays
Dream Vacation - A week in New York City
Favorite Animal - Our dog Tucker


Occupation - Natural Grocery Manager
Religion - Christian
Education - College
Favorite Food - Anything Asian
Favorite Hobby - Reading, building Lego
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Camping as a Boy Scout
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Traveling together to new places
Dream Vacation - Visiting Japan
Favorite Animal - All of our furry kids
About Us

Meet Patrick! Patrick is going to be such a supportive dad. He is literally a boy scout. In fact, he can still fit into his high school scout uniform. He is reliable and loyal with a dry sarcastic sense of humor. He values family relationships and often takes his mom on dates to the movies and is usually in the audience of our nieces' dance and school recitals. Patrick is fun and geeky in the best ways. He is always reading, loves to watch bad movies (good ones too), and plays video and board games. On our very first date we played with Lego!

Heidi is so ready to be a mom! She is loving and compassionate. Heidi also loves to sing! She sings and plays bass guitar every Sunday in the worship band. She has been working as a bookstore manager for eight years. She has studied art and theater all her life and so she loves doing storytime, dressing up as characters and doing crafts with the kids. We look forward to bonding with our future child through reading together.

Our home / Our pets

We bought our house two years ago and have hosted a big family Thanksgiving here twice now. We live in an older neighborhood with huge trees and on our dog Tucker's daily walks we pass by the neighborhood elementary school and a great park. Heidi is learning through trial and error how to garden, and we love playing fetch in our shady fenced back yard.

We both grew up with pets and have added two cats and a dog to our family. Our dog has been through several types of obedience classes which has grown him into a sweet companion who loves his kitties.

Our extended family

Our parents all live here in our home town. In fact, they live two blocks apart! Our child will know two great grandparents. We both have siblings with kids so they have all had grand parenting experience and excel at it in our opinion. The future aunts, uncles, and cousins are all looking forward to future babysitting opportunities.

Heidi grew up in the church as a preacher's kid. She loves that she and Patrick get to attend church where her dad is the senior pastor now. Last year Heidi and her dad did mission work building a house and she cannot wait to do that again.

What Led Us To Adoption
Adoption has been a common theme in our extended family. We have cousins who are adopted, have adopted, and one who is a birth mother in an open adoption. Our child will grow up knowing their adoption story and we will celebrate this miraculous connection forever. We are ready if you are!

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