Occupation - US Navy Chaplain, Mummy
Religion - Christian
Education - Masters of Divinity
Favorite Food - Thai, Asian
Favorite Hobby - Gardening, Needlework
Favorite Sport - Ice hockey
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Eating at roadside stalls in Asia
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Our Honeymoon cruise
Dream Vacation - Around the world cruise
Favorite Animal - Cats


Occupation - Navy Retired, Daddy
Religion - Roman Catholic
Education - Masters of Arts
Favorite Food - Thai, Steak
Favorite Hobby - Fishing, outdoor activities
Favorite Sport - Baseball
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Fishing with Dad
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Honeymoon cruise
Dream Vacation - Around the world cruise
Favorite Animal - Hunting dog
About Us

Our story begins in 2003 when we were stationed together on USS Ronald Reagan - the worlds finest aircraft carrier. We were part of a great Navy community and part of a close-knit group of friends. Kimberly served as one of the ship's Chaplains while Ray worked in the Operations Department. Ray adored Kimberly from the outset, but it took her a while to realize that he is truly THE Perfect American Male (the PAM)! From friendship, they started dating when Kimberly returned from Afghanistan in 2011 and quickly had a fairytale wedding - engaged in December and married the following February! We were surrounded by our family and friends. A few months later, Ray retired from the Navy in Norfolk VA, and joined Kimberly in South Carolina where she was stationed at the time. Ray joined the Navy out of college and was a Naval Flight Officer. His loving mother lives in FL. The apple did not fall far from the tree with Ray, he is much like his Dad who recently passed away. He is an avid outdoorsman, handy with tools, values fitness and health, and thinks men should take out the trash. He has a beautiful 16 year old daughter, and despite multiple deployments he has remained a vital part of her life. Ray drives a truck, most often with a dog along for the ride. Following college in Canada, Kimberly attended Seminary in Chicago, pastored a couple of churches in Iowa and joined the Navy as a Chaplain. Her Navy career has taken her around the world which is just fine with her, as she grew up in Malaysia with her brother and their missionary parents. While she is still on active duty in the Navy, she enjoys cooking, loves to garden, bake, and is handy with knitting needles, and embroidery floss. Katherine is the newest member of the family and is full of smiles which show off her two new teeth. She loves to play, laughs a lot, and never misses a meal. She is adored by all, and happily returns hugs. She is currently teaching her parents all about raising a baby and helping them to discover just how much gear a baby needs! Her favorite toy (currently) is Sophie the Giraffe.

Our home / Our pets

We have a super cool two story brick home with lots of bedrooms and an open first floor. The furniture is mostly greens and browns, heavy woods and many Persian rugs, lots of books too. Merry and Pippen (cats) rule the upper and lower floors as only aristocats can. Thunder, our sweet and playful dog, rules the sunroom and the backyard. Pines and hedges hold the house tightly, and our garden is full of tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, squashes, peppers, herbs and flowers. It is a wonderful, joy-filled home in which to raise children.

Our extended family

Ray's Dad retired from the military and was a man of many great accomplishments ... married 55 years, raised three good children, part of the Greatest Generation, and never carried a debt. Ray's Mum is from exotic Guyana (near Brazil) and is a true blessing. Ray has two sisters. Carol has 3 children and Michele has 2. Both Kimberly and her brother Kevin are adopted - Kimberly when she was just weeks old, and Kevin when he was a year. Kimberly's parents are her inspiration in many ways - their values and dedication to ministry are what inspired her to become a Chaplain. Married 58 years, they are currently retires and from snowy Minnesota. Kevin is married and has 4 children.
What Led Us To Adoption
We really wanted to raise children together. We enjoy life we enjoy each other, we enjoy our family and friends and we have a lot to share with any children with whom God may bless us. As an adopted child, Kimberly understands the questions that may come up in the future. Growing up, one of Kimberly and her brother's favorite bedtime stories was of how their parents got them and brought them home. Kimberly grew up with her Mum teaching her to cook, sew and knit and looks forward to passing these gifts on to Katherine. Ray hopes to teach the art of tying on a fishing lure and teaching a new puppy to retrieve.

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