Occupation - Government Affairs
Religion - Catholic
Education - Bachelor's Degree-Political Science
Favorite Food - Chocolate
Favorite Hobby - Baking
Favorite Sport - Skiing
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Childhood Memory - Family trip to Colorado-age 10
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Honeymoon in Hawaii
Dream Vacation - Traveling through Italy
Favorite Animal - Koala


Occupation - Stay at home Dad
Religion - Catholic
Education - Bachelor's Degree - English
Favorite Food - Anything with hummus
Favorite Hobby - Backpacking
Favorite Sport - Disc Golf
Favorite Holiday - Halloween
Favorite Childhood Memory - Climbing the banyan tree at Grandma's
Favorite Memory w/ Spouse - Hiking the 100 mile wilderness in Maine
Dream Vacation - Traveling through Scotland
Favorite Animal - Mountain Lion
About Us

My wife Angie is a wonderful mother, great provider for our family, and a beautiful person inside and out. She's the type of person that always wants to make sure everyone around her is well taken care of and happy. She's always willing to help out anyway she can. Angie has a soft spot for children and loves being around them. She will make a wonderful mother to your child. Her love is constant and unconditional and she wants a another child more than anything else in the world.

Scott is creative, adventurous 10 year old trapped in a grown man's body. During his days as a preschool teacher, he used to run around alongside the kids, playing with them and being part of their imaginative games. He loved reading to them and teaching them everything he could and he's carried over that passion to our daughter. He always keeps our daughter and other kids engaged. As much as Scott enjoys being her teacher, he loves being Ashley's daddy even more and he can't wait to be daddy to another child.

Our home / Our pets

Our home is located in a quiet little neighborhood close to the Potomac River and not far from Washington, DC. It's a very friendly place with lots of children playing on every street. Most folks in our neighborhood give each other a familiar wave when passing by, and our neighbors are always willing to help each other out anyway they can. Most importantly, our home is in a safe neighborhood and a good school district. Our house, a two-story rancher with four bedrooms, has a large, fenced-in backyard with plenty of room to run around. We often see deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds and the occasional fox in our yard which our to cats, Thelma and Ziti, love to watch from the windows.

We have an outdoor recreation center within walking distance from our house which is great to picnic or enjoy a swim on a hot summer day. And being close to DC, it's easy for us to go into the city to visit the zoo, the museums or one of the national monuments.

Our extended family

Angie's family lives about an hour away from us. We love being close enough to get together with them on weekends, take camping trips together or go to our niece's dance recitals. Her parents are both retired and they love to spend time with Ashley. We take family beach trips and often plan trips to parks. For Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, Angie's mom cooks a big feast for our extended family.

Scott's family lives in Florida and North Carolina but we see them often. His dad and step-mom own a farm in North Carolina and Ashley loves to visit and see all the animals. His two sisters, mom and stepdad all live in Florida. We go down often in the winter to enjoy the sunshine. This year we're meeting Scott's family in Orlando for a vacation to Disney World. Ashley is looking forward to seeing Minnie Mouse for the first time.

What Led Us To Adoption
We have always planned on having more than one child to be a part in our family, but due to infertility issues we are unable to conceive any more children. Adoption is an exciting possibility for us and something we have always considered, even before Ashley came along. Scott's mother and cousin were adopted and both have fond memories of their childhoods and birth parents. We hope to learn from their experiences. Ashley is now two and a half and the three of us are excited to continue our journey and expand our family. We want you to know that whether a child comes to us biologically or through adoption we will love them unconditionally.

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