Television Shows That Touch On Adoption

Everyone knows that first impressions are important.

For a family hoping to adopt, their chance to make a good first impression with a birth mother comes when they create their profile.

I’m going to tell you how to fix your adoption profile booklet… but first here are some things that might be wrong with it:


1. This Is Us

Okay, this show doesn’t just touch on adoption, it is discussed throughout the show very often. This show does a really good job talking about topics from each side of the adoption triangle.

  • Adoptee Perspective -In this show, Randall was adopted as a baby. Although Randall is accepted in the family, he would often notice the differences between him and his family the biggest, being African American. Throughout the show, Randall reconnects with his birth father. AT first he reaches out to him to tell him off but then feels the need to get to know him.

  • Adoptive Parent Perspective – Jack and Rebecca adopted Randell at the hospital when their twins were born. In one episode, Rebecca struggles to bond with Randall as a baby, “I grew the other two inside of me, he feels like a stranger.” Later gaining a connect with Randall, in another episode the family goes to the community pool. Rebecca is approached by a black woman saying she needs to find her son a black barber. At first Rebecca is upset stating that Randall is her son and can take care of him. Towards the end of the episode Rebecca approaches the same woman asking if Randall could have play dates to be around other people of color and where to go to get his hair cut. This is relatable to adoptive parents who have child who are not the same race as them.

  • Birth Parent Perspective – William (Randall’s birth father) is an interesting character. You can tell throughout the show that he regrets not being there for Randall but that he knows it was the right decision.


2. Modern Family

Cam and Mitch, a gay couple, wanted to grow their “modern family.” On the show, their characters adopted, Lily, a little girl from Vietnam.



Glee in some sense stereotypes their characters but the show’s storyline for adoption leaves you with that feel-good feeling. One of the main characters, Rachel, was adopted by her two dads. Later on in the show she meets her birthmother who substitute teaches at her high school. Rachel’s birth mother then later on adopts Quinn and Puck’s baby bringing the adoption storyline full circle.



Infertility is common when people decide to adopt. That is why Charlotte’s character is relatable in that aspect. When Charlotte and her husband could not get pregnant after trying multiple times they turned to adoption.



This show of course is not always the most realistic, but it’s tv, right? One thing that the show, The Fosters, gets right is showing how important special needs adoptions are. When some think of special needs adoptions, they think of adopting children with disabilities. That is not always the case. Special needs adoptions can consist of finding homes for older children like the teenager character, Callie. Also, keeping siblings together can also be considered a special needs adoption. The characters Jesus and Mariana are twins who were adopted by the main characters. Also, Callie has a brother who is soon adopted along with Callie to keep the siblings together.