Keshia (Birthmother)
The Querry Family (Adoptive Parents)
Jaime M. (Birth Mother)

The people at Adopt Connect have been wonderful. Mari, specifically, has been a great contact. Understanding and empathetic, they've all been a great resource and partner in this whole thing!

Alexis S. (Birth Mother)

I like the fact that they make you feel very comfortable. They're always there to talk and text—no matter what time it is. They do everything in their power to help!!!!!!!!

Adrian V. (Birth Mother)

Adopt Connect is great. Their staff is so friendly, helpful, and caring. I am so grateful for how much they helped me go through this hard time!

Breanna A. (Birth Mother)

When I found out I was pregnant, we weren't in any financial condition to raise a second child. I called about 12 different agencies and nobody was willing to work with us for one reason or another. Then I found these guys. They went above and beyond what I expected and experienced in a previous placement through a different agency. If I needed to get ahold of somebody, they'd always answer (or at least return my call fairly quickly) even if it was 3 am on a Saturday. They matched us with my daughter's amazing family, and I honestly couldn't be happier with the outcome of our situation!

Champa M. (Birth Mother)

I'm glad I called. They took care of my heart. I had seemingly endless nights crying about the thought of adoption. I finally got the nerve to call Adopt Connect to ask questions and get information about the process. It turned out to be the best phone call I could have made. I found the best family for my baby. I made all decisions in my own time. At the end of the day it's about what's the best long term decision for you and your baby. Adopt Connect made that happen for me and my family.

Cassie H. (Birth Mother)

Adopt connect has the sweetest, kindest staff. They are very caring and they wasted no time in helping me find and bond with an adoptive family for my baby.

Mike and Heather C.

I liked how to the point and personable the experience was working with Adopt Connect. I felt like it was the first time someone in the industry made us, the adoptive family a priority, we truly appreciated that. We reached out to many resources to adopt domestically and it was difficult to say the least to see progress happening, waiting to get matched was the hardest part. A major turning point in our process to adopt was when we found Adopt Connect; we finally felt we were on our way to successfully matching and creating our family and it happened quickly.

Amber S. (Birth Mother)

Adopt Connect kept in contact with me throughout the whole process and being able to text/call for support! For being put in a difficult situation Adopt Connect made it a lot less stressful and made the experience great! Adopt Connect truly makes adoption a great thing to go through. Not just for the birth mother but for the adoptive parents too! The support that they give really takes the weight off your shoulders if your stuck in a difficult situation. It's really the best experience you could ever have with adoption. Thank you so much adopt connect for everything you have done for me!

Nathan and Pam W.

Brock did a great job handling our match. We had experienced an unsuccessful situation and only a few days later, we were matched with the perfect birth mother and the perfect baby girl. Brock at Adopt Connect made it happen! Thank you!

Ezell and Anita

My experience at Adopt Connect was great! Brock was good about keeping us informed as to what was going on with the birth mom and later I saw the extent of the work he put in keeping the clients on both sides informed and comfortable. We were impressed with the quality of professionalism of the staff and the quality of their work. They helped connect us to the greatest gift we could have asked for, and that was two beautiful children. Yes, I’d give my highest recommendation and would not hesitate to work with Adopt Connect again!