Keshia (Birthmother)
The Querry Family (Adoptive Parents)
Chris and Heather

Adopt Connect is amazing! Brock worked around the clock to find our perfect match and within a month, we brought our baby girl home! He is honest, caring, and hardworking. We called or emailed numerous times with questions, and he was always quick to respond. He sincerely wanted to help us find our baby and answer our questions. We would recommend Adopt Connect to anyone who is looking to adopt.

April K. (Birth Mother)

We were very pleased with our experience at Adopt Connect. We found the staff friendly and professional. The best part about our experience was that Brock and his team was always there whenever we needed him. He even answered my phone calls at 10:30 PM while he was on vacation! What was really impressive was that they made the birth mom a priority. If I could sum up our experience in one word it would be “terrific”. I give Adopt Connect our highest recommendation.

John and Rachel K.

We have two beautiful, healthy children thanks to Adopt Connect. We were quickly matched with birth parents which is how we became parents to our son. A year after our son was born, we contacted Adopt Connect to help find a match for us for a second child. We were quickly matched again and now have an adopted daughter. We are very greatfull to Adopt Connect for facilitating the match process for us for both our children. The process was efficient and easy. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Debra S.

If I could sum up my experience with Adopt Connect in one word I would say “rewarding”. Brock supported us throughout the process as sometimes the BM seemed to “disappear”. He was instrumental in keeping us connected with her. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Brock again. The entire staff was great. I was very impressed with the speed with which he returned phone calls and continued to support us throughout the entire adoption process. I’d give Adopt Connect my highest recommendation.